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Catalyst Black from All Characters

Catalyst Black is making its debut in Mobile Gaming with a trailer of its release Youtube. Super Evil Megacorp is a free-to-play game made by Vainglory, and its new game of excitement for selecting players for promoting skins and transforming into primal beings. If you are interested in what options the game has, Here are all the characters from Catalyst Black.

All Catalyst Black Characters Confirmed So Far

At the time of writing, there are a total of five confirmed characters that we know about, but it’s likely that we’ll see the roster expand soon enough. For now, we’ve listed all five characters below, along with a breakdown of their personality traits and move sets.


Catalyst Black in Sunder
Source: Super Evil Megacorp

Sunder is an aggressive primal you can transform into a player wears the assigned mask. Catalyst Black is another realm from this god. His three primary powers consist of Leap Slam, Breath of Rage, and Primal Roar.

Sunder’s Leap Slam has the character jump in the air and slam in the area of ​​nearby enemies. The next ability, the rage of Breath, enhances the fury within him and produces a beam to attack anyone in the front. Primal Roar is also Amplified by His Honor and Unleashes Howl that makes Sunder grow in size, speed, and power.

Relics, such as Feral Inspiration and Rampage, assign the passive ability and perks of your primal transformation by increasing movement speed or releasing more rage. Additionally, the attack uses the Beast, Slash, and the character’s vicious claws to tear through enemies.

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Catalyst Black from Issia
Source: Super Evil Megacorp

Issia, along with Sunder, is one of the first primers to be confirmed in Catalyst Black. This god has her side on the ice of power, and it’s not a force to be reckoned with. Her main powers are Deep Freeze, Polar Vortex, and Wing Sweep.

Deep Freeze Issue Harder herself with ice and hurts any enemies near her, while Polar Vortex causes damage within a snowstorm set. The Last Ability, Wing Sweep, issues a mighty rush of wind before anyone.

Issia’s relics of Stillness, Shiver Shroud, and Seeking Storm are meant to enhance her Frozen abilities by slowing down enemies and using more of her Frozen powers to damage enemies. Alongside her relics, her primary attack, Glacial Torrent, that emits a shroud of ice to anyone in her path.

Another form of Catalyst Black character, Ancient Issia, is a new Issia mask, gear, and a complete set of boosts that players can avail and avail when in-store.


Catalyst Black in Nock
Source: Super Evil Megacorp

Nock is the Primal that is popular in children’s stories, but still packs a battle in a punch. The primary attack of this being Zoom! where Nock uses a dash that attacks enemies. Her powers also consist of Faster !, Poof !, and Watch This!

Faster! Two actions at the same time increase the fire of the god’s movement speed and setting enemies ablaze. The Next Power, Poof !, teleports Nock in a set location which in return wounds enemies while in transit. Watch This! Another possibility is that a firesome explosion when hitting a rival in the area.

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As for Nock’s relics, one, in particular, is Playtime! which is similar to Faster! with its enhancement of movement. The only difference is the relic’s encouragement to allies. The other relics are Catch Me! which intensifies Zoom !, while Hide and Seek! Give the player an opportunity to switch back and forth to the human and primal form.


Catalyst Black in Torden
Source: Super Evil Megacorp

The Most Primal, Torden, has a sense of pride and values ​​comradeship. He is a protector with an attack, Smash, and a target location in his mighty hammer with damaging enemies.

The first of Torden’s powers is Thunderbolt causing a bolt of lightning to illuminate a certain area damaging anyone in his way. Reckoning is also another ability that teleports the character to his hammer followed by a forceful hammer smash. Aside from his attacks, Torden offers the defense mechanism, guardian, to shield allies within a specific area.

The relics used to supplement the Beast’s passive ability and perks include Enter the Storm, Blessing of Protection, and Smite. Like his shield in the shield, Enter the Storm does a similar defense against allies. Blessing of protection also aids in allies protection, while Smite boosts his primary attack for performance


Jainx form Catalyst Black
Source: Super Evil Megacorp

Jainx is one of the last Primals to attend Catalyst Black. With his primary attack, Violent Pierce, he sends his spear forward, wounding anyone in his direction. Besides this charge, his powers and relics display Jainx’s warrior-like brutality.

One power, in particular, is the Savage Charge where the character collides and drags his enemies around. Corral is another ability targeted in a circular area that pulls rivals to the center, injuring them in the process. Jainx’s perks are also useful for healing oneself with each attack made by the relic, spite, and restoring health of allies from the draining life of his enemies with his other ability, Dread.

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These characters from Catalyst Black featured above are the only ones in the game that will go on for more as the Super Evil Megacorp hopes. Vainglory of success, this action-packed story of the future looks bright with its many mystical environments and epic battles in mobile gaming.

Confirmed Character Skins

Catalyst Black in Skins
Source: Super Evil Megacorp

When in human form, players can choose an array of character skins to play, and switch when it is necessary. For now, eight standard skins have been confirmed by developers in a Youtube Q&A with future designs in the works.

In the selection process of characters, there is a choice of what gear to use in gameplay, including primary and heavy weapons throughout Catalyst Black. Other features include a second active ability for unlocking the primal form and powers of use.

Once players are satisfied with their character’s loadout, there are many modes to play, such as Hydra and Slayer. Hydra is a battle mode between players and bosses, while Slayer is a point-based system that takes over the eventide fortress. Catalyst Black has much more to offer, with modes in the game’s team versus system of 5v5 to 12v12.

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