Celeste developers unveiled Game Awards Trophy Four Years After Missing It

Screenshot: Prestige.

Streamer Prestige Is The Key To Looking For A Cool Gaming Souvenir The Other Day. But when he tried to buy a Game Awards trophy online, he got a lot more than expected.

After years of trying to buy a replica Game Awardas a trinket that he could put on his shelf, he thought he finally found one on eBay a few weeks ago. That one was not just replicable; As the PC-Gamer report, it was real and was handed out on stage.

This site was curious to find out what the hell was going on, but Prestige asked what public trophy was a genuine gift, but the seller’s award-winning retailer would not have a commercial business, merch or collectiblescouldnt give much help than say it’s from liquidation sources. Which suggests that whoever won the award has gone out of business and the trophy was sealed as part of the closure.

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Whatever the event was, the trophy was a lot more cooler than the replica he was looking for. Consequently, the prize and won on the Prestige put:

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Even though I had already read the story, he knew where it came from and what it would have been like. The trophy had the winner in the year, the class and the winner on it, etc.

Celste was developed by Extremely OK Games, and is a very businessman, so prestige is a trophy that he just bought. They were able to solve the mystery partially by saying that they had never received their award in the first place, although the show organizers took the trophy shortly after and said they’d mail it afterwards. But never.

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And for four whole years whoever was responsible for that fucked up somewhere. Also, the worst ever game ever.

Although he owns the awards for someone else, the Prestige decided to send the trophy to the celebrity developers, who will reimburse him for the cost of auction and postage and send him back to Celeste of some signed copies.

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