Chaos of the defending Dreadful Lords following the WoW Race in Echo won World First

After two weeks of training, Echo defeated Alesson. The Lords of Dread killed nine of the slain 11 bosses in the Sepulcher, and was just two of the two most successful successes of the year.

In the raid of eight encounters, Team Liquid gained seven of them on the World First Kills, nearly the entire event during a wire-to-wire lead. The Only Way They Didn’t Get The World First Title The leading boss of the raid, The Vigilant Guardian. The first kill to the boss belongs to the early Shift. The Guild has no longer taken any bosses down to the Sepulcher.

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Echo does the impossible #TeamEcho took The Dread and Put Us of the World First Lords 9/11 in Mythic Sepulcher! #EchoRWF

Echo (1918-2022) is an official of the Ecclesio.

Only 62 attempts were necessary to kill the Lords of Dread in World First. With it, the team spent nearly a week against a second-team squad with 31 attempts to downhill and 152 attempts to move past Anduin, two previous bosses.

With their death in Doors of Death, Echo became the only one who made the World First. Only Rygelon, whose penultimate leader will be the raid for the world before becoming a cut-off: The Jailer, who won the Shadowlands for the Sword.

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Yesterday, Team Liquid invested several hours in Rygelon. The manager was tainted twice and raised to the clock, with an addition of his 70-phenomy rating to the Dread of Lords. In the first half of the event, Liquid and Echo will compete at the highest prize in the RWF.

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