Coleman Coastline 3-person tent 16% off on Amazon!

With the arrival of summer and the first days of sun and heat, many of you will be starting to plan what are your first trips out of town or, why not, are already planning what are the now imminent summer holidays.

If adventure and the outdoors are your thing but if, at the same time, you find yourself without a tent with which to face life on the campsite or your nights out, then you will be happy to know that it is available on Amazon. with a 16% discount the splendid Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent, excellent for 2 or 3 people (even 4 in the case of 2 children), and today on sale for only € 151.99, against € 179.99 of the original price.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Coleman Coastline 3 Plus

Compact but spacious, the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus is a practical and functional, structured tunnel design tent so that there is a distinction between the sleeping space and an areain which perhaps to have lunch sheltered alone, or to use to change without being forced into the space occupied by sleeping bags.

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Large and well ventilated, the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus is made purely in polyesterwith a PVC insulated base in order to avoid the perspiration of nocturnal humidity, and to prevent water from entering the tent as much as possible in case, unfortunately, you come across some summer rain.

Conceived as a fresh and light tent, therefore suitable mostly for the summer and spring seasons, it is supported by a resistant fiberglass poleslight and flexible, which not only makes the transport of the tent more comfortable, but will also guarantee you a good durability over the years, as well as a good elasticity of the poles which, in addition to supporting the weight of the fabric structure, must obviously be able to also withstand winds and any tearing and twisting.

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Characterized by a large veranda, which is contrasted by a small but functional apse, the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus it is very easy to assembleis resistant to the wind, and offers a good number of internal pockets, with many compartments in which to cram objects, linen but also the wiring that is now also part of the equipment of modern (and technological) hikers.

Generous in size, with its 4.4 x 1.9 x 1.5 meters the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus is the ideal tent for a small group of hikers. Spacious for two people, it is actually designed to comfortably accommodate 3 people, both in the sleeping area and in the day, but can easily adapt to a small family unit, especially if made up of 2 adults and 2 children.

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