Coromon: How to Get Lazy Gem (XP Share) & Win Battle of Wits


Training up your party in a monster taming game is not always the most fun thing to do. Thankfully, there are ways to make that process go a little faster in this one. Here’s How To Get The Lazy Gem And The Battle Of Wits In Coromon.

How To Get The Lazy Gem (XP Share) In Coromon

Go to the library at Hayville, the first major town after you enter the Lux Solis campus. The library is located right in the middle of town on the left. You’ll find the blacksmith, Perrin, and he’ll take it to work on your gauntlet after you’ve opened it.

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Coromon Hayville Library

Once inside the library, head to the left, then up to the second floor. Jebediah named his head on a bunch of books with an NPC to Speak. He’ll challenge you in a quiz called The Battle of Wits, which has you answering 17 questions. Answer 12 Get to the Lazy Gem properly.

All Battle of Wits Answers

Jebediah will ask 17 questions in a random order, but the answers will always be the same. Here’s the full list:

Question Answer
Trainers may not catch another trainer owned by Coromon. True
Ghost is very effective against… Ghost
Poison is very effective against… Normal
How many types are there? 13
Normal is very effective against… Nothing
A trainer challenges you to a battle. You… Accept
Row 3 Col 1 Row 3 Col 2
How many Coromon are currently known to exist in Velua? 114
How many types can be found in Velua? 13
Water is very effective against… Fire
The Speed ​​Stat of a Coromon Determines Its Critical Hit Opportunity. False
Air is very effective against… Fire
How many Potential Value Variations are there? 21
Only the appearance of different potential differ- ences of Coromon. False
Damage dealt is always determined by the attack stat. False
Fire is very effective against… Ice
Cut is very effective against… Electric
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What the Lazy Gem Does

The Lazy Gem is a hold item that allows the Coromon to hold a small percentage of XP even if it does not. This is the first town to go when it comes to training for the perfect item, weak Coromon, so be careful. Missing it can make grinding and leveling up your squad much more tedious.

That’s all you need to know about How To Get The Lazy Gem And The Complete Battle Of Wits In Coromon. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more info on The Game If You Need Some More Pointers.

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