Croft Manor Guide at Fortnite Mystery: All Puzzle Pieces


Fortnite is all about crossovers. This new one takes you to the Croft Manor. To Those Who Could Not Instantly Make The Connection, Croft Manor Is Home To The Lomb Croft Of The Tomb Raider franchise. With Croft Manor being a creative area, players are welcome to explore. There are also Mystery of Croft Manor and we will lead you to find the puzzle pieces.

Croft Manor at Mystery in All Puzzle Pieces

Before we get into the piece locations, Mystery at Croft Manor can be found in the mode selector of Epic’s Picks area. With that out of the way, we are ready to begin.

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There are 8 total puzzle pieces and we will walk you through all of them in order. That said, every piece can be grabbed at your own pace.

Puzzle Piece # 1

Croft Manor Piece 1 at Fortnite Mystery

This piece is a lobby countdown to the actual map to be found immediately after entering. You’ll find it right at the top of the box.

Puzzle Piece # 2

Croft Manor Piece 2 at Fortnite Mystery

Once you are in the library, climb up the boxes into the balcony and move into the small alcove. The piece will be in the corner.

Puzzle Piece # 3

Croft Manor Piece 3 at Fortnite Mystery

In the wide area where you have to shoot the chains, head to the distant left corner. Turn around from here and you’ll find the puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece # 4

Croft Manor Piece 4 at Fortnite Mystery

After crouching through the gap in the wall, you’ll have a forced sliding segment. The piece is unmissable and right in the middle of where you need to go.

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Puzzle Piece # 5

Piece 5

After finishing the puzzle, the floor keeps dropping out and you have to navigate to the pillars, where you will leave a light bridge. To the left of the Exit will be the piece. You’ll have a couple of jumps to get to it.

Puzzle Piece # 6

Piece 6

Once all four puzzles are finished and you are on your way to the next section, collect the dual pistols you have left.

Puzzle Piece # 7

Piece 7 Far
Piece 7 Close

This piece is probably the most tricky if you’re looking for it. It will be right ahead of the shockwave grenade section of the island at the crosshair pointing out. There is a door that you will have to open to get the piece.

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Puzzle Piece # 8

Piece 8

After the shockwave grenade section you have to run across these platforms, the piece is left on the second platform.

Now that you have found every puzzle piece, a door has opened in the area that you have found. This is an Easter egg reference to Tomb Raider II.

That’s about all you need to know Croft Manor Fortnite creative map at The Mystery In Collecting All Puzzle Pieces.

In other Tomb Raider-related news, the next game was Unreal Engine 5 using Development in Be.

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