CS: GO Pro Players Call Unity, Set an Example for World Players

Kiev, the capital city of Kiev. Reportedly 137 Ukrainians were killed and many more were wounded. Many are fleeing the city or working in an attempt to resist the Russian invasion.

And that ‘s all happening, as long as the ESL Pro Tour is hosting the Extreme Masters 10 Tournament in Katowice, Poland. In a single-handed contest, Ukrainian team Natus Vincere is proud of his title.

You can support Ukrainian Video Game Studios Right Now.

With all this happening in the national parks, it’s easy to do this if Team NAVI doesn’t get it. Speaking to the crowded crowd, legend s1mple shared his heartfelt concern about what was going on inside the country.

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“I don’t really have much words to say,” said s1mple.

My entire career has been played with Ukrainian players, with Russian players, and with American players, all of which are great guys. And now I live with my friends, real friends, win together, and lose together, and we all want peace with Ukraine and for the whole world. We’re all scared.

Using tears in her eyes, s1mple added that players and players should show their own example for this tournament. I am happy to be together with my fans, with my friends, with everyone. We have to stay in the world of the very top.

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Team NAVI is a tough situation. Instead of the extreme return travel routes to Ukraine, s1mple and his team are stranded in Poland. Team Liquid has graciously stepped forward and welcomed all Ukrainian football players to the dispute.

If you want to give to the Ukrainian people, consider giving through the International Red Cross.

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