Customize your Samsung AOD Themes

Customize your Samsung AOD Themes: This is the first time Samsung has released the Android-based One UI 4.0 skin on a smartphone. It’s the first device to come with this update. A limited number of regions are currently participating in the One UI 4.0 beta program.  

With One UI 4, users are able to customize and manage many aspects of their mobile experiences, thanks to the Android 12 operating system.

Customize your Samsung AOD Themes

Users are invited to try out One UI 4’s upgraded features as part of the One UI 4 Beta Program before the official release. Users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in select markets can enroll in the beta program through the Samsung Members app on their devices. One UI 4 participant will have the opportunity to preview new features and give feedback on the design.

Customize your Samsung AOD Themes – Always On Display

Our daily lives are hectic, so we often forget to check our phones for texts, notifications, watch time, etc. Or, if you are in a meeting and the phone is on silent, then you will not be able to find out the notification, text until you unlock and check the phone. With Samsung Galaxy One UI 4.0’s new feature Always-On display AOD, you will never forget any notification or any information. This allows you to set widgets for the lock screen and have them appear on the always-on display when it is active.  

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This feature has the unique feature that when your phone’s light is off, it displays some information like the time, date, and any notifications in a lower-energy mode.

Additionally, AOD drains your phone’s battery. Using the main Settings app, select Lock Screen in order to disable this feature. Select Always On Display from the search results.

How to enable One UI 4.0 AOD Theme

  • You will find it on your Galaxy Home Screen
  • if you press and hold the Home screen.
  • You will then see the Themes option.
  • Select AODs.
  • To preview an AOD, tap it.
  • Click Download to save it.
  • Go to the Navigation drawer.
  • Select My stuff.
  • Click on Downloaded themes to see them.
  • To see Always on Displays, tap one.
  • Press Apply to apply the theme.
  1. The time when AOD is shown can be changed, such as Show for 10 seconds, Show Always, or Show on a Schedule.
  2. There are also several customization options, including clock style, music information, changing the screen orientation, & toggling automatic brightness.

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