Dance With Pikachu And Others Pokemon In This Catchy Music Video Created By Yaffle

To celebrate the centenary of Pokemon, a new music video was released for the song Reconnect by Yaffle featuring Daichi Yamamoto and AAAMYYYY. The song is released last year on Pokemon 25 and this new music video resembles a lone of nostalgia.

The video is in a Japanese store and shows the first of the popular things in the first Pokemon movie of 1996. The Dancers Hold Game Boys to Get into the Store, which sells many nostalgic Japanese candies.

Throughout the video, the Pikachu dances to the music along with other Pokemon friends like Charmander, Clefairy, Squirtle, Cubone and even Snorlax.

The original Pokemon game, if you listen to many sound effects. The lyrics of the song Reconnect also have lots of references to Pokemon, like catching them all, traveling across regions, rare candies, HP, etc.

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This song is pretty catchy and soothing, and the video is well-made from cute Pokemon CGI. Please watch this for yourself, and play while you dance to the dare.

You can watch the entire video of Yaffles Reconnect here.

If you are interested in learning more about Pokemon Day over the past week, you could find an interesting piece. Finally, read about the Pokemon Presents broadcast here and what you want to know about the event.

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Dance Along With Pikachu and Other Pokemon in This Catchy Music Video by Yaffle

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