Destiny 2 Evidence Board: Where to Find It & How to Complete ‘Hard Evidence’ Quest


The Destiny 2 Evidence Board More or less just a glorified quest board as part of the Witch Queen expansion. The latest expansion of the introductory mission simply requires you to visit the evidence board. In doing so, you’ll begin the Destiny 2 Witch Queen in the ‘Hard Evidence’ questand we’ll talk about how to complete it here so you can get that Legendary Engram reward.

Where to Find the Evidence Board

Savathun’s Throne World on the Enclave when you spawn the Evidence Board. It’s a large board, and has an NPC standing by.

How to Complete ‘Hard Evidence’ Quest in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

  1. Go to the Evidence Board where you can spawn in The Enclave, on Savathun’s Throne World.
    destiny 2 evidence board location
  2. Go to The Quagmire, also in Savathun’s Throne World, and Search for the Osmic Fragment.

    This is a quest marker with your HUD marked when you spawn into the area.

  3. Interact with the Osmic Fragment and defeat the enemies in the spawn.

    There will be a fair few Lucent Brood enemies spawning in here, so make sure you’re prepared. Other players can (and probably will) help you take care of the enemies, as was the case for us.

  4. Interacting with the Osmic Fragment of Collect it again.

    This is done by Pressing Square / X / E.

  5. Return to the Evidence Board on the Enclave.

    Go back to the evidence board, interact with it and you’ll pin it to the Osmic Fragment.

    destiny 2 hard evidence quest

That’s all you need to know Destiny 2 Evidence Board. Head on over to our Witch Queen wiki for more tips and tricks, or more on our coverage of the latest Bungie’s ever-popular shooter below.

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