Destiny 2: How Long The Witch Queen Campaign Takes To Beat


The Destiny 2 Witch Queen Expansion has finally launched and added a new crafting feature, more gear, and a decently-sized campaign for players to sink their teeth into. If you’re wondering how much time you’ll actually spend playing new missions, we’ve got the info right here. Here’s How long the Destiny 2 Witch Queen campaign takes to beat.

How Long Destiny 2 Witch Queen Takes to Beat

The Witch Queen campaign should take about five to eight hours depending on how good you are and how high or low your power level is. The campaign can still be under-powered, but it’ll take a bit longer, especially if you’re much lower. In that case, a bunch of grinding may be needed.

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We have a handy guide on the best ways to raise your power cap if you’re trying to level up as efficiently as possible. It goes on about weekly activities, raising the soft cap, and going into detail about Pinnacle Drops. Not all activities should be done right away, so click on that link for some more info.

That’s all you need to know about How long it takes to beat the Destiny 2 The Witch Queen campaign. Be sure to check out our Witch Queen guide for more tips, tricks, and other info on what’s new in The Expansion.

You can also check out our related Destiny 2 coverage, including guides that focus on new exotic gear for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans.

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