Destiny 2 players who get Riding Storm & Stacking Flame quests at random, issue acknowledged

Destiny 2 is a FPS MMO which challenges you to explore an exciting world full of quests, loots and raids – ready for you, friends.

That game usually receives new content through updates. Destiny 2 recently received The Witch Queen expansion with new items, stages, skins, lore and more.

However, last week some Destiny 2 players are confronted with a glitch. The game reminds them that they are always busy and that they are re-entry a few quests.

The problem is that notifications appear, but the missions have been completed for a long time. The Destiny 2 quest is Riding the Storm and Stoking the Flame.

Destiny 2: Riding the Storm and Stoking the Flame Quests for some time.

Some players receive notifications as old Run the Storm and Stoking the Flame quests as if they were new (two, three, three).

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Weird bugstaking the flame and cynically reacted to the storm.

Since it’s the only hobby that played hunter, his account was built on my ps4 to do the new light stuff and let him get everything out of void 3.0. Didn’t bother with the solar / arc quests yet.

My warlock is much older than my own story, and I am stoking the flame, and the storm has gone, right? Source

It’s not a glitch to the games, since you can continue to have any problems. Nevertheless, notifications cannot be discarded, resulting in visual distractions.

The new light quest of two-parts went randomly back?

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I’ve played D2 since it launched, and fortunately, once again I did the New Light thing off of Curiosity at the beginning of Beyond Light and Possible.

I have a new friend who has just randomly received the new Light Steps Upon My Character that I have already completed over a year ago.

There’s no other option, just discard them. Source

The Bungie team knows that they have already completed the project.

The Bungie team already knew this problem. It appears to be the result of a fixed problem.

Where We Are Investigating Issues Riding the Storm and Stoking the Flame Quests

Players can complete quests to remove it from their inventory. Source

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The company noted that, for now, the only way to discard these notifications is to complete the quests again. And yet, an ETA doesn’t have any idea where to fix the future problems.

We will update this story as soon as possible.

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