Destiny 2 Wellspring is a drop-rate chest related to scrutiny

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer games on Steam. The title was developed by Bungie and generated revenue on the game as a service model.

In many ways, it was released four years after the game.

But those updates cause some problems, such as stacking fire or tumbling flame quests, both PC and consoles for long load times and performance problems.

Having said that, Destiny 2 players complained, 12,0003,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) about the Wellspring Deepsight missiles low drop rate. Many say they only see a couple of drops. Some say that the drop rate is close to zero.

Players are frustrated and wonder if they are the only ones who rarely watch the Wellspring Deepsight weapons. Even after the game, the weapons don’t seem to go away.

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Even some master players say they find seldom. Below are some reports that the player is frustrated by the drop rates at Destiny 2.


Deepsight MRI weapons are stock in the rarest. They are so rare, even though they are master. Did 4 run master, and did 1 regular weapon is something more expensive that people want more red weapons? It might have been a problem, wellspring had anything else to offer, but this is just a boring activity. We’ve had great activities that let you concentrate on the loot, such as menagerie and sundial, so what’s a wellspring to do? (Source)

A good-spring gun needs to be increased. The temptation of reading Deepsights was 4 years of grinding when annoying, I went for zero drops. Expanding that also expands the best of Forsaken and TTK. They really get better story telling. (Source)

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After receiving players’ feedback, Bungie commented on the matter and said that they are looking into the Destiny 2 Wellspring adversity rifles problem.

Teams are aware of where the players are running, with minimal hours of activity and minimal results. If we have information to share, please inform me now. (Source)

We hope they increase the drop rate so that Destiny 2 players have a grind less to gain than the Wellspring Deepsight weapons and the unlocked pattern by the end of the season.

We always keep track of the drops so that we can update this post with new information. Please take advantage of Piunika.

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