Destiny 2 Witch Queen: Best Way to Raise Power to Cap Fast; Most Efficient Methods

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been released and added to a brand new story, raid, weapon type, you know, the usual. What’s also returning, of course, is the annual new expansion big power grind. Pretty much the only time of year where the blues see any love and scrambling to get at least the soft cap so we can start with some more difficult content. In this guide, we’ll go over the best methods Raise your power level to the cap fast In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen & Risen of the Season is fast, fun, and stress-free.

Best Way to Raise Power to Cap Fast in Destiny 2: Witch Queen

First Until Soft Cap at Avoid All Weekly Activities

What you need is the first to resist the temptation to reward yourself with powerful or, god forbid, pinnacle engrams. You desperately want to save those, if you can, until you reach the Soft Cap. It’s easy enough to reach for your powerful engram drops.

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That said, if you’re running behind, the week is about to reset, and you’re still under the Soft Cap, which means you can get all the powerful rewards up to speed. The reset is completely wasted before you get what you want.

This is key: always Each slot in your highest power gear. Don’t even dismantle them. Your drops are always based on the combined power level of your inventory, regardless of what you have. This applies all the way until you hit the Pinnacle Cap.

Also a quick tip: your seasonal rewards, such as the free armor sets, can be used to fill out certain areas of your equipment that bring your gear to the rest of your gear.

Once you reach the soft cap of 1500 you’re ready to graduate.

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