Destiny 2 Witch Queen: How to Get a Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has arrived, and players are able to jump into the latest expansion and start unraveling of the Mysteries of Savathun’s Throne World and Her Lucent Hive. She’s been keeping up with plans for years, and that’s exactly what she’s been up to. The new expansion, of course, adds new exotics, and in this guide, we’ll go over the steps Get to Exotic Quest The Parasite Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

Spoiler Warning: Parasite to get the quest you can before the Witch Queen campaign. If you haven’t finished the campaign yet and don’t want to be spoiled, please leave this guide and return once you’ve beaten the campaign.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen in Parasite Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is not difficult, but it is a long process with lots of different steps. Let’s go ahead and break down the entire quest, step by step.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

  1. The Witch Queen and Speaker to Complete the Campaign on Mars Sov
  2. Complete the Strike, Birthplace of the Vile

    Straight forward enough, just launch it from The Director on The Throne World and complete with a fireteam.

  3. Find a Cryptoglyph Rune

    This is hard, just a little annoying. You’ll have a location marked on your map, go to it and kill a bunch of hive. That’s all! Just make sure to head out before your map and make your life easier.

  4. Defeat 100 Scorn in the Throne World

    Once again, not difficult just annoying. Go around and kill a bunch of scorn. They often feature as a map when they appear on public events for try and go.

  5. Head into the Sepulcher Lost Sector

    This lost sector can be found in the Florescent Canal area, you’ll need to clear it out. It’s straightforward, just make sure you’re at least around 1510 or higher and handle the enemies. The only twist is that you need to interact with the deepsight of the sector to get to the end of the sector.

  6. The Florescent Canal Area in Complete Three Patrols

    Whichever three you want is fine.

  7. Find another Cryptoglyph Rune

    The same thing as before, just make the trek out to your waypoint and kill some hive.

  8. Head into the Metamorphosis Lost Sector

    This lost sector can be found in Miasma. Same thing, clear it out, use deepsight at the end to find the altar.

  9. Find the last rune.

    This will also take you across the map, however, the rune will be missing. Similar to the lost sectors, you need to use deepsight to find some platforms that will lead you to a chest.

  10. Head into the Extraction Lost Sector

    It’s the last one, as far as lost sectors go. Before the Same Process.

  11. Complete the Mission, Parasitic Pilgrimage.

    At the end of the mission, you’ll receive your Parasite Grenade launcher.

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That’s all you need to know How to get Parasite in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs, check out our helpful guide wiki 5 of Destiny 2.

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