Destiny 2 Witch Queen: How to Get Secant Filaments Exotic Warlock Legs & What They Do


Destiny 2 Witch Queen is here, and it’s got a new campaign, gameplay features, and a whole host of other content. Of course, that content includes players earning brand-new gear. This exotic armor piece, in particular, will be extremely useful. Here’s Destiny 2 Witch Queen in Exotic Warlock Legs and what they do.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen in Exotic Warlock Legs

You have a 50% chance of getting a Legendary playthrough of The Witch Queen campaign. If you don’t get the leg armor, you’ll receive the Osmiomancy Gauntlets. Basically, it’s a 50/50 chance to get one of those exotic Warlock pieces.

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The other way to get the armor is to complete a Legendary / Master Lost Sector when you’re looking for a specific gear type / part that you’re looking for. So, if the reward is exotic legs, take on the Lost Sector.

What the Secant Filaments Do

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Secant Filaments

The Secant Filaments Grant a Devouring Rift perk When Warlocks cast an Empowering Rift. The armor piece will provide the Devour buff, which is insanely useful. In short, the Devour Buff is an enemy that can kill players immediately after regenerate health. This works out nicely when mixed with the Empowering Rift Damage buffer, which greatly increases survivability.

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That’s all you need to know about Destiny 2 in Exotic Warlock Legs The Witch Queen and what they do. Be sure to check out our Witch Queen guide for more tips, tricks, and other useful info as you expand into the dive.

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