Diablo immortal teams talk about closed beta learnings

The Diablo Immortal team posted a new blog on the games official site discussing the discovery made in the closed beta phase that has recently passed away. Blizzard ran the closed beta from October 2021 until the beginning of January. The team also has a lot of interesting aspects of the testing phase.

After CBT, players learned a number of mobile ARPGs system upgrades including a new-added Necromancer class, Cycle of Strife Updates, Set Items, Helliquary Updates, and Controller Support.

Hey everybody, my name is Yunt Cheng, I am the game director at Diablo Immortal. Rather than competing with our team to make significant progress towards the goal of completion. We are still planning to release in 2022, and today we will share what we learned from Closed Beta, leading to critical changes in the social aspects of the game, raids, in-game purchases, a transformation into a cycle of strife overhaul, etc . To begin with, I’ll take you through the General Updates which you made the day after the Closed Beta. Let’s get into the loop!

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After the improvement and further observation, the team will make changes to the following areas:

  • Social and group-play.
  • Raids
  • The pass and the games will cost money.
  • Controller support
  • Warbands
  • System updates, including updates and improvements, as well as system updates and improvements.
    • Set items
    • Strife Cycle.
    • World paragon

Take a look at the full post, including the full interview details, and check out the official site of Diablo Immortal.

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