Digimon Adventure 02 shares a look at the latest model of Daisuke’s new movie

Digimon Adventure 02 will soon be back with a new feature film. The first picture of Davis was created by the audience following the original English dub’s new design! Digimon Adventure, a new television series rebooting Digimon Adventure with its 20th anniversary, but a new feature film that will age 8 Chosen children in order to end its story. This movie is notably the second season’s cast of older versions, and soon we’ll get to see them again in an all-new adventure.

Toei Animation has announced that it will return to Digimon Adventure 02 with a brand new feature film, as well as Digimon Adventure: The Last Evolution Kizuna before it was teased that this new movie will focus on older versions of the Chosen children. DigimonCon during the movie I shared a new update. During this update, Davis shared the original design for the first time for a new movie!

The concept art of Ximoto, from the new film 02, will be set in 2012 and two years after The Last Evolution Kizuna. pic.twitter.com/2HrQaME0lc.

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Wikimon (@Wikimon_news) February 27, 2022.

Unfortunately, the new Digimon Adventure 2, a very limited version of the movie, was confirmed in 2012, when two years on Eroding at Last Evolution Kizuna. With this concentrated focus on the second season’s DigiDestined, it could be a great final, too. Tomohisa Taguchi and Akatsuki Yamatoya are Returning to the Last Evolution Kizuna for this new film (which did not even reveal an official title at the time).

Last week, it was said that Davis would be interacting with a mysterious new addition that they were the first to ever partner with a Digimon, and that something would be the main series’ lore yet to fully breach throughout its iterations. This is also a film that is progressively steady, but not at a stage where there will still be more film opportunities.

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What do you think, however? How do you feel about Daisuke / Davis’ new design for the Digimon Adventure movie 02? What do you expect from their big return screens? If you ask us all about the situation, please let me know.

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