Digimon Games producer, positive, looking Digimon World port, remaster or remake or similar factors, can decide whether Digimon games made for this generation of games

A Q&A at Digimon Con 2022, a producer whose game Kazumasu Habu is looking for is a port, remaster or remake of the original World of Games, he said.

We’ve received a lot of requests to create or remake the original Digimon World, said Habu. I really believe in it. But the first time I am contemplating which choiceport, remaster or remakes do better.

Habu continued. If I choose port / remaster, then I think it’ll be a pretty real deal. If you want to remake a game, we have to find out how many other elements you need to incorporate. Digimon World combines File Island with Digimon that looks. If we add a new field, like the Folder Continentor new Digimon, then I think we should treat it as a new product rather than a remake.

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