Digimon Survive Release Date Was Still Adjusted To Be Internally Due To Changing Developers

Between the years of delaying the countless titles, Digimon Survive has had great losses. Since the announcement was first made in 2018 with a date of 2019, it would be delayed to 2020, 2021 and a final end of Q3 2022. During the Digimon Con 2022, spokesman Kazumasa Habu said the delays were due to a new development studio.

In the Q&A segment (transcription via Gematsu), Habu said, “In response to our inquiry, we received several questions about the status of development in Digimon Survive.” Sorry for having you waiting, even if you weren’t thinking about it. We are waiting for new information and / or not keeping up with the inconvenience of the apologize again. We delay sincerely apologize.

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It was said that we had the postponed release of the development team, so we could develop a game with a new development team. Changed teams led many changes in the game, leading to delays. That gives us regular updates from preventing the accumulation of uncertainty. However, due to the efforts of the new development team, we can regain their position and be closer to the completion of the game.

Habu said that the release date is expected to take a little longer since the team is still adjusting it early. For it, we apologize again in whole. If you were to wait a little longer, then we would have done it.

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Initial reports said Witchcraft was the title of the developer but the official page of the Bandai Namco Entertainment EU shows that HYDE is the developer. The latter has worked with Atlus, Nippon Ichi Software, Gust, Marvelous and even Bandai Namco since 2005. It helped Comcept and Keiji on Red Ash.

Quant to Digimon Survive, it’s currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Habu said that the Q&A segment, like how many battles allow up to 10 units to join. The main scenario has 12 chapters with their own endings. It seems that even if you plan to take all the routes, it will take up to 80 to 100 hours. Stay tuned for more details during this time.

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