Don’t build a very low low form factor without PC reading this first

Mid-tower computers do not have any size to choose from and can be easily built with ease. But these days, small form factor (SFF) computers are the trendy fashion. With large component vendors hopping on board, they are changing their mind about the process.

For those uninitiated, a small computer is not that big, since a small toy is quick and simple to assemble. Prices also start much lower. If you don’t know sFF or similar PCs, the launch of its Dragon Canyon NUC, an uncomplicably expensive gaming PC, could seem indispoable.

SFF’s basics, even if you’re interested, are easy to use and easy to use. Here are five key points that you should know about the PC building of the Lilliputian side.

First, the SFF is about the volume of cases.

Cooler Masters 80 $ Masterbox NR200 maximizes its 18L capacity.

Cooler Master

In these days, small form factor builders are typically defined as any type of system that goes up to 20 liters of volume. There are many companies extending the definition (for example, SilverStone raises the cut off to 23L), but the SFF community holds 20L.

The system does not define in a strict way. However, basically all of the cases don’t have bear mini-ITX motherboards as their big ones. The most difficult power supply factors (SFX, SFX-L), with only very large cases supporting SFX. That said, don’t take this as a rule. Recent SFF cases include models that support ATX power supplies, and larger cases that require larger cases.

Changes in design, change over the last years, have a lot more choice to choose from. At present, more focus is on computers with which to take a special graphic card. For these types of cases, shoeboxes are the most common shapes. And as you lose their size, sandwich layouts (where the case is split in two, where the CPU occupies one second and the CPU / motherboard is the other) are popular for better airflow. There are no types of structures that you can see in one of the chamber houses.

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Number two: The cost of cases is no longer sky high.

Not long ago, a small form factor case costed between $ 100 and $ 250 not uncommon. While you could find fewer models, those that had an existing GPU and were able to pass faster than 20L were made of cheaper materials.

Nevertheless, the market has been changing in the past few years. Big-handed vendors like Cooler Master and Lian Li have veered into SFF with a vengeance, and they’re not all about surviving the zeitgeistic. They are also democratized. The incredibly stylish and very affordable NR200 with Cooler Master made waves, which launched at $ 80 USD. Even when the price is higher, which is the less expensive footprint of the case, the more features or even boast the more popular materials, the higher the quality of the larger cases. The Lian Li A4-H2 on Spending Three hundred Dollars seems to be a very different path to the companys O11 Air Mini.

No 3: But SFF PCs still cost more overall.

Mini-IX motherboards are not cheap. ATX B550 boards start at around $ 95, while mini-ITX B550 boards start at around $ 150. This model is $ 220.


The simple form factor cases for a sinking price we see, since that attracts more people to the SFF scene. Even if the design of an SFF PC is not enough, it will cost even more.

The main issue is a mini-ITX motherboard for the need. Because of their smaller size, fewer features are present on ATX boards, although they tend to be cheaper. If there is a case that requires a flimsy supply, most SFF builds require a flimsy or a flimsy-L power supply – which is a cheaper price. No more is money, a lot of cheaper is it. It’s common for manufacturers to make mini-ITX boards or microprocessors.

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Ancillary purchases are also incredibly expensive. They’re things that you don’t usually need a big build, like fan grills or different cables. In more spacious rooms, your wires can be more easily routed around the fans so they won’t chew them up. A lot of it, but there are no sweats. Even in small-tower situations, you shouldn’t wade up and cram them into tight crevices. And if you make the most of your hardware, and the suboptimal temperatures of live dying fear, you may end up putting more money into higher-performing cooling, too. Build a picture perfect, save money. The cost of living can continue to swell, as do the petty room of the burden you are reducing.

You’re not going to fry your stuff too much!

The Nature of the Laws You Can’t Escape; However tight quarters in packing equipment is not our death sentence. Modern SFF cases should pay a lot more attention to airflow, and are also better suited to closed loops, which can take up a ton of space without any downtime.

Planning is the biggest factor, as well as the small size of the factor. It is difficult to buy a complex computer for example, but not a smart computer. An inexpensive replacement means you have to find a lot of cheap parts that appeal to you, and they don’t roll in the slap or get an optimal result. This is the layout of the chosen case, as well as the layout of how the parts list will interact. If an SSD does not run well enough, you can still maintain strong temps and make some time (and probably a lot more money than originally expected).

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Building sometimes takes a lot more time.

Usually, the build can take a few hours (if not more) from start to finish, unless you choose a niche product such as Intels Beast Canyon and Dragon Canyon NUCs which are modular kits.

Alaina Yee / IDG, IDG.

In the larger cases, you can install almost any of the parts in an order. With small-scale laptops, building components like these often follow an ideal ordering and figuring out time. Even though the manufacturer offers guidelines, you may be able to reverse that ruthlessly. Somehow, you might want to turn the power supply cable for the 24ft.

Using YouTube videos can help reduce the time of day. However, at any rate, you can still spend more time or more. Cable management can take more work If one staff member built his first SFF PC, that was the first thing he learned.

Why do I go SFF?

A small desktop PC that can be easily moved and those locations are really cool. It’s packed with high-end parts like the Ryzen 9 5900X and the Radeon RX 3080 in that computer. Small doesn’t need to be sacrificed.

With the SFF scene, the different tastes for the room only grow. (No pun intended. That’s a lot of new and new cases that get a lot of hype. Optimization in aesthetics and innovation in design support the greater flexibility and choice of building experience. Especially excitingyou can roll an 8-liter PC in less than an hour.

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