Download Samsung Game Launcher App Latest version V6.0.04.4

Developing a game on a compatible Samsung device is easy thanks to Samsung Game Launcher. You can disable phone notifications while you play, reduce the game resolution to save power, and more with this app that helps you balance phone capabilities and games. Take screenshots and record videos with this app as well. Also Read: How to enable Always On Display in Samsung Phones?

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Samsung Game Launcher Latest Update

Samsung updated its Game Launcher app to improve the user experience. Version is the latest update. Several improvements have been made.

In recent Game Launcher updates, you can add apps, images, and web pages essential for gaming to the Game Launcher. Using Game Launcher, you can now collect everything that you have saved as Favorites. Also, there is a history of installed/deleted games that the system keeps track of. 

samsung game launcher updates

Download Link Of Game Launcher New Updates:

What is Samsung Game Launcher app?

Your installed games can be organized, new games can be found, and leaderboards can be viewed in one convenient location. You can also play some games without installing anything by using the Instant Play feature. Additionally, you can use Discord to communicate with friends, no matter what platform they use.

How to turn off Samsung Game Launcher?

  1. Open the Android settings
  2. and tap ‘Advanced Functions’
  3. Select ‘Games’
  4. To disable the launcher, select ‘Off’ next to ‘Game Launcher.
Samsung Game Launcher New Update Download
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