The signal app is the most popular app right now as Elon musk suggested to use instead of WhatsApp. This is one of the best and awesome messaging app today. This messaging gives you privacy with the end to end encryption. That’s why users start to switch to the signal app from WhatsApp. This app also provides some additional features like self notes.

Signal App

It is alternative of those app who do not provide privacy that user want. If you want to install signal app then follow below steps:

  • Download app from play store. To download from the play store click this Link.
  • Setup with your contact number
  • Start sending messages and make groups.

How to set up Signal Private Messenger app

  1. Open app on your smartphone and tap Continue
Signal App

2. Allow necessary permissions

Signal App

3. Enter the phone number which you want to use for Signal and verify

Signal App

4. Once verified, enter your Name and tap Next to finish the set up

Send a message using the messaging app

  • Tap on the pen icon from the bottom right side
  • Select contact and a new window will open for that contact
  • Write a message and hit the send button

Send photo and video

On any chat tap on + icon. Here you can choose from Gallery, GIF, File Contact and Location. Tap on the right option, select the file, photo or video and send.

Make call using signal app

On any chat window, tap on the Audio or Video call icon to make a call.