[January] Download the latest update of Xiaomi Mint Launcher for all Android smartphones

Xiaomi Mint Launcher: MIUI Launcher, Poco Launcher, and Mint Launcher are just a few of Xiaomi’s launchers. It supports screen transition effects, icon packs, and other eye candy, just like most third-party launchers. Xiaomi used to pretend that there was no app drawer, but now it automatically categorizes apps.   

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Xiaomi Mint Launcher

There are a few differences between the Poco Launcher and the Mint Launcher, but the home screen looks very similar. On the home screen, you can also clear cache. But the app isn’t yet available for download. There is an APK available for download.  

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Download Links Mint Launcher:

Play StoreDownload

Mint Launcher Features:

  • Personalization
    • Custom icons can be used for third-party apps.
    • The app icons can all be resized.
    • The layout of the home screen can also be modified.
    • You can choose from many different transition effects!
  • Managing apps
    • On the Home screen, swipe up to open the App drawer, where all your apps reside.
    • All apps are categorized automatically.
    • You can move and uninstall multiple apps, as well as group them.
    • Be more productive with smart app suggestions.
    • Use quick search to find apps in a snap.
  • Speed and privacy
    • Protect your privacy by hiding app icons.
    • Respond quickly and swipe smoothly.

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