Dragon Ball Publisher Shueisha Announces New Brand Shueisha Games, Teases Big Game Announcements


Today huge Japanese publisher Shueisha Games has officially announced its new game publishing brand, Shueisha Games.

Today huge Japanese publisher Shueisha Games has officially announced its new game publishing brand, Shueisha Games.

This is basically an extension into a full-fledged brand of game development initiatives undertaken by the Shueisha Game Creators CAMP.

On top of further support for game developers, the new brand will also encourage collaboration between developers and creators of manga, novelists, screenwriters, illustrators, and composers, helping them reach the world with their creativity with original games.

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The goal of the brand is to combine the ability of the publishing industry to find and nurture new talent and the power of the gaming industry. By combining these two elements, Shueisha Games aims to create new games that have been seen before and take on the challenge to spread them worldwide.

Over 4000 developers are registered with the Game Creator CAMP and the number of supported games has passed 10, including unannounced ones.

The first four titles that will be released under the brand will be Oni by Kenei Design, Ukiyo by Seaknot Studios, The Tower of Children by Tasto Alpha, and Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump + Dimensions by Momo-Pi Studio.

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That being said, the developer also mentions in the announcement press release that it has large-scale games already in the works, and they are not just big in terms of creative value, but also development budget.

The first is a mobile game developed by a major studio from outside of Japan. The character design is by a major mangaka that publishes on Shueisha’s famous manga magazine Weekly Shounen Jump. The aim is to focus on the global market with Japan and other Asian countries.

Below you can see teased silhouettes.

Shueisha Games

A second tease is a competitive multiplayer game co-published with a major Japanese publisher and developed by a relevant Japanese developer. It is defined as a “multiplayer trick speed action” game.

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If you’re not familiar with the Shueisha brand, it’s one of the most powerful manga publishers in Japan, spearheaded by the Jump brand, including franchises like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Bleach, One Piece, and many, many more.

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