Duraludon joins Pokemon UNITE as a playable Pokemon

As part of the 26th anniversary of the Pokemon Presents presentation, many titles have been updated across various platforms. As a surprise to the game, a native of the Galar region will join the fight.

The Alloy Pokemon named Duraludon will join the booming Pokemon latvia. The presentation did not explicitly specify what role Duraludon would have taken in the game, but in-game teasers of the next gameable Pokemon that Duraludon may be an attacker.

The presentation in The Clip of Duraludon doesn’t reveal much about its abilities, but some parts of the kit are distinguishable. The moves appear Stealth Rock and Dragon Pulse. But they still have to be confirmed. More information on Alloy Pokemons Debuting in Pokemon UNITE

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This news follows the release of Mythical Pokemon Hoopa a few days ago, a playable Pokemon in UNITE. A person can also partake in new full-fury battles which can greatly reduce their ability, unites and respawns. This new mode is expected to be available to players every weekend to participate in and allow them to battle any Pokemon they choose.

The Dragon-and-Steel-type Pokemon Duraludon will arrive in UNO next month as a playable Pokemon. Details about how it works haven’t been said yet, but it should open up as specified.

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