Duraludon went to Pokemon UnitedITE on March 14th

Duraludon, a Steel- / Dragon-type Pokemon from Generation VIII, will host the Pokemon Unite champions pool on March 14th as an attacker.

The Alloy Pokemon will play the 33rd playable character of UNITE. His addition follows the introduction of Mythical Pokemon, Hoopa and Aegislash, respectively, who are supporters and all-rounders. People like Duraludon inflict a lot of damage to neutral Pokemon and opponents and all ranged champions. They have defensive stats of their lack for some freedom.

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In the short interview, The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios discuss Duraludons moveset, goal-scoring animation, and his UNITE move. It seems that he has the ability to attack enemies while swarming.

The addition of Duraludon to the champions pool is going to increase the number of attackers from 9 to 10 in the competition. Some of the defining champions of this category are Cinderace, Greninja, Venusaur and Pikachu. This means that Duraludon should be able to get him one day from the great.

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The license is still available on the web. Some recent releases have both cost 10,000 dollars or have been released with the players being free to buy.

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The devs are still deciding whether to change the balance with the Duraludons addition to the meta in order to shift a bit. The first big patch was published in late January and the MOBA has been made possible since the 1980s.

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