EA Play Won’t Happen This Year; More Games to be Revealed “When the Time is Right”


Each summer, EA traditionally hosts a press conference or broadcasts in tandem with E3 with an event they call EA Play. This event centers around previously announced, upcoming, and new games that the company is working on, as they showcase trailers, gameplay footage, and much more.

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Unfortunately, it has been revealed that EA Play won’t be happening this year, according to a statement given to IGN.

We love EA Play Live as it’s our way of connecting with our players and sharing what’s new with all of you. However, this year things aren’t lining up to show you everything on one date. We have exciting things happening at our world-class studios and this year we’ll reveal much more about these projects when the time is right for each of them. We look forward to spending time with you throughout the year!

While it may be a bummer that EA Play isn’t happening this year, the company does still have plenty of interesting stuff in the works, including a brand-new Dead Space remake and multiple new Star Wars games that are being created by Respawn.

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You can check out more information on all of those projects in our related articles section right down below.

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