EarthBound Earth Maps are going to be as applicable as framed images in Japan

Shigesato Itoi and Hobonichi will produce and sell framed art in Japan using EarthBound pixel maps. March 2022 in a limited time for that company will wait.

EarthBound maps are framed and painted. Each one of them will depict a specific location, including EarthBound, Onett, Winters, Fourside, Moonside, and The Cave of the Past.

The Japanese art shop will be exhibiting two different sizes: Small at 16,500 (144) and Large at 37,400 (325). They can choose one of three available frames, with black, red, and natural wood grain.

EarthBound Lasted for the SNES in 1995 in North America and 1994 in Japan, where it is called Mother 2. In February 2022, Nintendo released the game and the predecessor EarthBound Beginnings, on Nintendo Switch. Users who have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online can access the classic games.

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Hobonichi was one of many releases in Japan related to the EarthBound franchise. In October 2021, it released a novel called Pollyanna 2, which includes a comic made by a creator who’s Toby Fox. The company has released several items from 2020 plus jackets.

Pre-orders EarthBound maps, which are due in two weeks from 8 to 31 March 2022 in Japan. Hobonichi will deliver the finished goods around 2022.

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