Echoes of Mana Gets New Trailer to Celebrate Pre-Registration Opening


Square Enix released a new trailer of the upcoming Mana mobile game Echoes of Mana, celebrating pre-registrations.

Today Square Enix released a new trailer of the upcoming Mana mobile game Echoes of Mana.

The trailer, which shows quite a bit of gameplay, has been launched to celebrate the opening of pre-registration for the game.

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You can check it out below.

Echoes of Mana (in Japanese the title is Seiken Densetsu: Echoes of Mana) is coming in spring 2022 both in Japan and in the west.

Below you can read a summary of the story.

You awaken, surrounded by nothingness except for a single tree.
The Mana Tree — the very source of all life,
and yet, it is set to soon disappear

The last sanctuary in a place where all has already been lost.

Only the Mana Sword can save the Mana Tree and the worlds still weaved in its branches.
If only the sword were not lost as well

Guided by the Mana Goddess, you must venture into patchwork worlds, meeting friends and foes both familiar and brand new as you piece together memories through the Echoes of Mana.

If you’re not into mobile games, we know that Square Enix is ​​working on a new mainline Mana title, but we don’t really know anything about it.

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On top of that, an anime version of Legend of Mana titled Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal is being developed by Warner Bros. Japan.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in the franchise, you can read our recent interview about Legend of Mana with producer Masaru Oyamada. Of course, we tried to quiz him about the new game, but we failed.

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