Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: How to Get All Resources & What They’re Used For

The Next Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Many fans have been paying attention to classic JRPGs, but before that, developers Rabbit & Bear Studios are pushing a companion game in the form of the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. With more focus on action, it is paramount that players equip their party with the best equipment to build the town adequately to support the adventures ahead, and this will gather all the resources needed. On that front, for our guide how to get all upgrade materials and what they are used for will surely come in handy.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising in Getting All Resources

Aside from a few materials that can be grown or bought, the rest of the need to be found by exploring various dungeons and harvesting them from the environment or the enemies. They also come in different rarities, even if they are from the same source.

From Enemies

  • Ebony Pelt / White Pelt / Flaming Pelt

The Quarry, Snowpeak and the Lava Ruins in the Big Wolf Enemies Slaying from Obtained.

  • Gargoyle Wing / Stone Wing / Shock Wing / Icy Wing / Fiery Wing

All the dungeons found in various flying gargoyles defended by Obtained.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Gargoyle

A drop that can only be obtained by defending the Hollow Plant boss in the Great Forest.

A drop that can only be obtained by defeating the Blizzard Brothers boss in Snowpeak.

A drop that can only be obtained by defeating the Mantor Wyrm boss in The Lava Ruins.

A drop that can only be obtained by defeating the Lode Golem boss in The Quarry.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Lode Golem
  • Golem Rubble / Golem Plate / Metal Shard

Get these drops from the machine enemies found in Runebarrow.

  • Lightning Magic Vestige / Ice Magic Vestige / Fire Magic Vestige

The Great Forest, Snowpeak, and The Lava Ruins found in the floating mage enemies from Dropped.

  • Ogre Horn / Shield Fragment / Armor Shard

Sword-wielding ogre enemies from Obtained. The latter two will use shields, so utilize Garoo accordingly.

  • Slimejelly / Yellow Slimejelly / Blue Slimejelly / Purple Slimejelly / Red Slimejelly

All the dungeons found in the slime enemies of Easy Drops.

Found on Snowpeak, this resource for small fox-like enemies of defeat.

  • Sugar / Salt / Black Pepper / Chili Pepper / Curry Powder

These are the resources for all the dungeons found in another easy drop, the defeat of the floating, fluffy enemies.

  • Titan Nectar / Frozen Nectar

The Great Forest or Snowpeak

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Titan nectar

This item for The Great Forest and The Quarry in Slay the Pesky Worms Found.

  • Yeti Whisker / Fire Whisker

Defeating the Yeti-like creatures found on Snowpeak and The Lava Ruins will deplete these resources.

From the Environment

  • Azure Crystal / Viridian Crystal / Crimson Crystal

Rare crystals are often found in optional paths, and they can also be enemies from rare drops.

  • Bronze Ore / Silver Ore / Gold Ore

Variants of rocks that can be mined using the right tool, the different colors denote the ore that you can obtain. Found in The Quarry and also Snowpeak.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Bronze Ore

Found in the Quarry, these bright crystals can be obtained by simply destroying them in the environment.

  • Fish / Choice Fish / Succulent Fish
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Only after obtaining your fishing rod tool, the rarer fish will you need more upgrades and some luck before you can afford them.

  • Herbs / Nuts / Wild Vegetables / Wild Bird Egg / Frostgrass

The Great Forest and Snowpeak of the Floor, these items will also be available for purchase at The Farm later in the game.

A rare and huge blue crystal, one can be reliably found behind a Yeti mini-boss fight in the latter stages of Snowpeak.

  • Lumber / Lightweight Lumber / Hardwood Lumber

Harvested from trees found in The Great Forest, upgrading your tools and wearing the right accessories will allow you to drop in to higher tier resources.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Lumber
  • Meat / Choice Meat / Exquisite Meat

Meat can only be obtained by using traps at dungeons, and upgraded traps with a higher chance of being a better meat.

  • Ore / Huge Ore / High-Purity Ore

Mined rocks found in The Quarry, upgraded tools and related accessories will help you get the rarer materials.

  • Savorcap / Glowshroom / Fragrantelle / Shivercap

Mushrooms found in various dungeons, just destroy them and drop these materials.

  • Stone / Heavy Stone / Durable Stone

Similar to the ores, these materials can be found in the Great Forest, although the higher tier ones for the drop rate are lesser.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Stone
  • Sylvan Crystal / Lithic Crystal / Ancient Crystal / Niveous Crystal / Molten Crystal

Extremely rare runic crystals, they can be found in limited wild. You can also get them from the Trading Post or the tougher enemies from extremely rare drops.

  • Topaz / Sapphire / Ruby / Emerald
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Usually found in hard-to-reach spots in treasure chests, exploring the dungeons will completely lead you to these treasures. Alternatively, you can trade them for other rare materials.

From Town

  • Broccoli
  • Cheese
  • Farm Egg
  • Ham
  • Milk
  • Strawberry
  • Thunderbird Egg
  • Wheat
  • Yogurt
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Farm

These will gradually become available at the Farm and Pasturage once you have upgraded them. Be sure to walk the fields for some free drops as well.

Eiyuden Chronicle in What Resources Are Used: Rising

Upgrade materials are essential if you need to build them out of town or upgrade to off-site and defensive equipment available. By collecting enough of these materials, you can head to the various vendors on Outlander Lane, Second Street, and the Rune Quarter to make full use of them.

Together with the required Baqua, the party’s weapons and armor can be upgraded to more advanced levels. The same goes for the tools needed to acquire rarer resources, and of course, to further upgrade the various buildings that open the way to even more stat-boosting meals or status-enhancing baths.

That’s all the key information How to get all the upgrade materials and what they are used for in the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. If you already have all the necessary upgrades, but find yourself lacking in Baqua’s order to make the next jump, be sure to check out our guide to the Eyuiden Chronicle: Rising. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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