Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: How To Get Baqua (Money) Fast

For the fans of the Suikoden series, the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will surely be on your radar. However, before the classic JRPG experience arrives, you can get a taste of the world with the companion title Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Bringing fast-paced combat and focusing on town-upgrading elements, players are going to have plenty of resources to keep them going and have great fighting shape. If you are looking for a great way to amass wealth and trials and tribulations ahead, then for our guide How To Get The Baqua / Money Fast In The Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising what exactly do you need

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising in Getting Baqua / Money

Baqua is the in-game currency that allows players to purchase different upgrades available in the game, as well as other equipment like accessories, stat-boosting meals, and more along with their required materials.

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Dungeon Crawling

One of the Earliest and Easiest Ways to Build Up Your Fortune of Baqua is exploring every nook and cranny in the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, and destroying the various objects around. Early in the game, once you have access to The Quarry, there is a specific pot that can be destroyed for 500 Baqua located here:

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising the Quarry

Simply make your way to the entrance, kill all the enemies along the way, get precious XP, harvest the various materials available, and then destroying the pot. You can then fast travel to the Mouth location of The Quarry, and repeat the process. This will help you amass Baqua quite quickly while ensuring you are getting precious resources and XP.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Baqua Farming

As you progress into the game, there will be optional paths that can be opened up, containing pots that hold an even greater amount of Baqua starting from the 1,000s. Be sure to revisit dungeons when you have the ability to overcome the elemental obstacles.

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Completing Resident Quests

Another excellent way of earning the Eyuden Chronicle in progress while Baqua: Rising is to complete the many requests that the Bulletin Board found at the Plaza. Different quests will offer different rewards, and oftentimes, you will get your troubles for a generous amount of Baqua.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Resident Quests

Considering that you will be venturing into the various dungeons found in the game anyway, finding the necessary items or resources can be done quite easily. Always be sure to check out all the quests available on the board, so you won’t miss out on easy money.

Selling Treasures

The Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is the fact that rare items can drop from both enemies and objects. Certain pots may drop treasures that are worth more than Baqua, and the same goes for enemies.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Pawnshop

As you open the Pawnshop back in town and upgrade it further, you will find items for better prices such as Ancient Scrap, Ancient Currency, Ancient Trinket, and Ancient Sculpture. Even upgrade materials can be used to make a profit if you have no use for them, so don’t leave them lying around for nothing.

That’s all the key information How To Get The Baqua / Money Fast In The Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. To make your journey even easier, be sure to check out our guide to getting all the upgrade materials available in the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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