Elden Ring AFK Rune Farming Trick Is Ruining PVP Invasions

There’s a new trick to get Runes fast in Elden Ring by going AFK, and it’s ruining the game’s PVP invasions.

Elden Ring can be a little too tricky for some users, it seems. ‘s notoriously difficult title throws more than its fair share of boss fights, enemy ambushes, and deadly areas at its players.

To get stronger, players must grind for Runes to level up at Sites of Grace. But what happens if you can’t earn Runes fast enough to keep up with the challenge?

Right now, several malicious fans are taking advantage of a new Rune farming trick in Elden Ring PVP – and it’s ruining the game for others.

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If you really want Runes fast, but you don’t want to ruin the experience for your fellow players, we’ve got you covered. After all, there’s a way to reset the sleeping dragon Rune farm in Elden Ring for thousands of easy Runes!

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Elden Ring Players Are Hiding From PVP Invaders

Right now, there appears to be an influx of Elden Ring players who are hiding from PVP invaders in an effort to farm Runes.

The trick works like this:

Get on Torrent and jump to an area that’s out of sight and out of reach (typically the pillars behind and below the starting area)Use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy and then a Taunter’s Tongue to invite invaders to your world.Then use a White Cipher Ring to invite hunters to your world when you get invaded.Since enemies can’t easily see you, and can’t access your location without Torrent, they will often just battle your hunter ally, or leave the world, dropping Runes either way.
Elden Ring AFK Rune Farm

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The basic idea is that you can hide like a coward while others fight your battles and earn you Runes. Meanwhile, players believe themselves to be unkillable in their hiding spots, something that’s proving not to be true.

Now, PVP fans are teaming up to take down cowardly hosts. In the clip below, posted to the Elden Ring subredditan invader and hunter offer one another a truce to shut down a Rune farmer.

If you’re considering AFK farming in Elden Ring, maybe consider this easy Rune farm trick that reportedly gives 10 million Runes per hour instead.

Then why not re-spec into one of Elden Ring’s top 5 builds and try a new style?

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We’ve also got a list of the top 10 best weapons in Elden Ring that you shouldn’t miss out on!

We can only hope that adds AFK countermeasures to the game’s PVP very soon, to deal with these types of players.

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