Elden Ring: All Hero’s Grave Chariots Locations & How to Destroy Them

‘s enemies are usually defeated using the same method: hit them until they’re dead. However, there are some exceptions. Here’s how you can find and destroy the Grave Chariots in Elden Ring.

If you’ve ventured into the many dungeons scattered around the Lands Between, there’s a chance you’ve run into these massive Chariots. Or, more likely, they’ve run into you… literally.

That’s because these roaming, on-rails enemies are a thorn in the side of any Tarnished, regardless of your level.

Time your movements correctly, and don’t look back before you reach a safe spot, or you’ll be flattened beneath their crushing wheels.

But, did you know, there are ways to defeat them? Here are the three Grave-style dungeons containing Chariots, and a guide to the unique ways of destroying them.

They drop some pretty powerful loot, too!

Chariot Locations & How to Destroy Them

The three locations that hold the Chariots are fully-fledged Dungeons that should be fully explored. They contain more enemies, including bosses, and offer up plenty of loot.

This guide will only explain how to deal with each Chariot enemy and discuss the loot that they each drop.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

NOTE: Destroying this Chariot requires a bow. Here’s where you can buy one.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave will be the first you’ll find, as it’s the starting area for every new player. However, the Chariot area is only accessible with two Stonesword Keys, as it’s locked away behind a fog door.

Press on through the poisonous section and you’ll come face to face with the Chariot. For now, you can only dodge it.

Use the alcoves on each side of the track to hide as it passes, but be wary of enemies that also reside in these safe spots. When you get an opening, run!

You’ll reach an area where the track narrows. This is a classic trick, because you actually need to fall off!

Drop to the area below and continue on passed the Imps, Fire Trap until you reach a room with a bridge. Here, you’ll be confronted by two Grafted Scions.

Elden Ring Fringefolk Bridge

Platinum Chasers,

Drop off their bridge to the lowest level and you’ll find a lift. Go up and climb the stairs, killing the enemy on this platform.

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Move to the far end and look out over the Chariot track. Attached to the ceiling, you’ll notice three pots. These explode when they hit the ground, so equip your bow and take aim (at the rope, not the pot).

The Chariot will ride up and down the track, and you want to fire once you hear it hit the platform that you’re standing on top of.

Time it right and the Chariot will explode – and will never respawn – rewarding you with 10x Great Arrows for your newly acquired Erdtree Greatbow!

If you specialize in archery, here are the best bows in Elden Ring that might rival your new weapon!

Elden Ring Erdtree Greatbow

Auriza Hero’s Grave

NOTE: Destroying these Chariots requires you to also die. If you’re stocking runs, spend them beforehand, or equip a Sacrificial Twig talisman.

This one is a little trickier to find, as it’s missable, unlike Fringefolk. Once you’ve ascended to the Altus Plateau, proceed into the outskirts of Leyndell, Captial City.

Follow the path around in a clockwise fashion until you’re on the eastern side. At the end of the road, you’ll find the Dungeon.

Descend via the lift and activate the Site of Grace. If you have the Opaline Bubbletear, mix it in your Wondrous Physick Flask for extra protection, as it allows you to stand one hit from the Chariots.

If you don’t have it, here’s where you can find it, along with every other Crystal Tear in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Auriza Hero's Grave Location

There are no less than three Chariots to demolish this time around. Here’s how to destroy them all.

You’ll need to sprint down the first ramp, avoiding Chariot #1. Once you’re at the bottom, stand between the pillars, but make sure you’re clear of Chariot #1 and Chariot #2 which will now be ahead of you.

Maneuver around Chariot #2 as you run up the next ramp, then around the corner, the path widens.

Elden Ring Auriza Hero's Grave Chariot

Its Shatter,

This is because Chariot #2 will be on the right side of the room, but Chariot #3 will join the party, rolling up and down the left side.

Use the gap in the center of the ramp to avoid the Chariots, but be wary of their hitboxes, especially when they’re turning.

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Certain Ashes of War, like Quickstep, could help avoid being rolled over. Here’s where you can find the best FP talisman to keep you moving!

Elden Ring Auriza Hero's Grave Chariots

Its Shatter,

At the end of this ramp, the path will narrow once more, and one of the previous Chariots will resummon in your way. This is where things get complicated, even by Elden Ring’s standards.

Look into the chasm to your left and you’ll notice items below. They’re resting on thin, wooden beams that you need to parkour down to.

Keep dropping until you’re at the lowest beam, then climb the ladder that’s guarded by a lone skeleton.

This area is pretty dark, so make sure you have a torch. Here’s where you can purchase the Sentry Torch, which actually has an important secondary function!

Now, you’ll be beneath a new section of the track, with another resummoned rolling by. As the Chariot goes passed you, exit and run up the ramp, and on the right side, you’ll find a room with a Fire Trap.

Hit the Fire Trap to alter its flame pattern. But here’s the catch, it seems like you also have to die here. There is currently no way to get out of this area without being killed.

Elden Ring Auriza Hero's Grave Chariot Smash

Its Shatter,

After respawning, proceed back to the double-wide area of ​​the track and there will be a Chariot summons in the center of the ramp.

A Chariot will span here, meaning the other two will crash into it, all three in pieces leaving!

Your reward for this feat is substantial: The complete Tree Sentinel Armor Set and the Holy Ground Ash of War!

Having trouble dodging around the Chariots? Here’s how you obtain the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War and dodge through them instead!

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel

Gelmir Hero’s Grave

Finally, there’s Gelmir Hero’s Grave which is located on the elevated section of Mt. Gelmir, near the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite Grace.

Follow the Grace Guidance until you reach the rock shard bridge, then turn left and head into the woodland. Once you’ve located the Dungeon, head down the lift.

This Grave is different from the previous ones, in that the two Chariots can’t actually be destroyed. That’s because your need to use them in a pretty unique way!

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If you’re struggling to find it, or just want to make fast traveling easier, check out our map of every Site of Grace in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Location

Head down the first ramp, dodging the first Chariot in the usual way (although, be careful of the lava that’s present this time around!)

Jump to your left and pass through the room containing Page and Noble NPCs, then navigate through the Fire Trap room. Now, you’ll come to another section of Chariot track.

Look closely, though. The Chariot that’s rolling along this area is missing the rider statue. That’s because you need to ride it yourself!

Follow it down the ramp, ducking for cover in the alcoves when necessary, then look down along the right-hand side of the narrow section of the track. You will see a very thin platform that you need to drop onto.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Ledge


Doing so will give you access to a room containing a Bloodhound Knight, but you don’t need to fight him. If you want a battle, here’s our guide to a boss version of the same enemy!

Climb the ladder behind him and you’ll reappear above the track, and after some light parkour, you’ll be directly above the Chariot.

Time your drop right and you’ll land on top of the Chariot. Now, you can ride it across the lava pool that would otherwise be blocking your path!

Be aware that you’ll probably fall into the lava after jumping off the Chariot. Here’s how you can find Bloodhound’s Step, an Ash of War that’ll let you move through it faster!

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Chariot Ride


And that’s how you navigate through each of the three Grave Dungeons without being crushed. Now you can return to the surface and get crushed by the game’s bosses instead! Have fun!

Or if dying repeatedly really is your idea of ​​a good time, here are the 5 hardest bosses in Elden Ring for you to test yourself against!

Alternatively, if looking for an easier ride, here’s mandatory a list of all the bosses to complete the main storyline. There’s less than you might think!

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