Elden Ring: Brother Corhyn Questline Guide & Where to Find Goldmask

Here’s where you can find Goldmask in Elden Ring, alongside a full guide on how to complete Brother Corhyn’s quest!

There are plenty of strange characters you’ll meet in the Lands Between. Although, they don’t come more interesting than Brother Corhyn.

In addition to being able to teach you Incantations, Brother Corhyn is on a quest to find the mysterious Goldmask. This is one that you’ll definitely want to help with as it can unlock a different ending for the game.

So without further ado, here’s where to find Goldmask and how to complete Brother Corhyn’s quest in Elden Ring!

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How to Complete Brother Corhyn Quest & Goldmask Location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Brother Corhyn Location Altus Plateau

Speak to Brother Corhyn and he will tell you that he is searching for Goldmask.You can find Goldmask standing on the north part of the broken bridge, just south of the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace.
Elden Ring Goldmask Location Map

Speak to Goldmask and return to Brother Corhyn to tell him where Goldmask is. Corhyn will then move to stand next to Goldmask.

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Brother Corhyn & Goldmask Quest – Law of Regression Riddle Solution

Elden Ring Brother Corhyn Goldmask Location Leyndell

After you get two Great Runes, go to Leyndell, Royal Capital, and defeat the boss, Godfrey.In Leyndell, you can find Brother Corhyn and Goldmask on a cliff near the colosseum, trying to solve a riddle.The solution to the riddle is found near the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace.First, get the Golden Order spellbook from a chair hanging from the ceiling above the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace. You need to go outside, walk up the branches and jump through the window to do this.Then give it to Corhyn or another cleric like Miriel, the ‘turtle pope’, and buy the Incantation for 10,000 runes.Next, go down the lift to the west of the Erdtree Sanctuary and then down a staircase to find a message on the ground saying “regression”. Use the Law of Regression Incantation while standing on the message and facing the statue to solve the riddle.

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Elden Ring Law of Regression Riddle Brother Corhyn Quest

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If you don’t have the 37 INT needed to cast the Incantation, there are a couple of ways to get around this: After solving the riddle, touch the new message that appears and head back to Goldmask and Corhyn to inform them of what it says .
Elden Ring Brother Corhyn Goldmask Location Mountaintops of Giants

Brother Corhyn Questline Conclusion

Next time you load into Elden Ring, Brother Corhyn and Goldmask will now be on a bridge south of Stargazer’s Ruins. To get there, you’ll first need to know how to get to Mountaintops of the Giants in Elden Ring. Finally, after getting to and completing Crumbling Farum Azula, you can find Goldmask’s body at the bottom of the cliff near the colosseum in Leyndell, Ashen Capital. Loot his body and you can pick up Goldmask’s set and the Mending Rune of Perfect order which unlocks a new ending for the game.Meanwhile, you can find Brother Corhyn in one of two locations:Near the base of the giant spear in Leyndell.On the bridge south of Stargazer’s Ruins again.After speaking to him and then reloading the area, you can claim Corhyn’s Bell Bearing and his robe.

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How to Complete Other Vital Elden Ring Side Quests:

Also, for more guidance be sure to check out Games From Mars’ video on where to find Goldmask and the full Brother Corhyn questline in Elden Ring.

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