Elden Ring Gestures: How To Use, Unlock More & Change Gesture


With Elden Ring bringing co-op multiplayer into the mix, it’s somehow expected that players will be able to communicate with those brutal boss fights in battle. That’s where Elden Ring Gestures Come on play, acting as brief animations that you can use to show some sort of emotion, or just communicate with other players.

What Are Gestures?

Gestures are Elden Ring’s term for what we’d call emotes, dances or other games in animation. They allow your character to stop and perform a small animation anywhere in the open-world, and can also be added to any messages you may leave to other players throughout the world.

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Using Gestures in Elden Ring

  1. Press the Options button on the PlayStation, or the Menu button on the Xbox to open the menus.
  2. Select the Gesture You want to use the right-hand side of the screen.

    Use the d-pad to navigate your cursor over the gesture and make sure it’s highlighted.

    elden ring in using gestures
  3. Press X / A to select and perform the Gesture.
    elden ring gestures

Elden Ring in Getting More Gestures

To get more Gestures, simply keep on playing the game. We’ve found some of these lying around the world as white orbs that often represent items or resources, and have even received defending enemies or talking to NPCs.

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There’s also the ‘Ring’ gesture (pictured above) that was given as a preorder bonus.

Changing Elden Ring Gestures

When you’ve amassed a hefty collection, you can change the gestures that appear in the menu screen by selecting one with the d-pad and pressing Y.

how to change gesture in elden ring

Next, select the gesture you want to replace it with and press X / A to confirm. The steps above are as outlined as the menu screen.

That’s all you need to know Elden Ring in gestures using. Head over to our wiki, or see more of our guides FromSoftware’s below epic adventure.

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