Elden Ring Gold Scarab Talisman: How To Get It & What It Does

The Gold Scarab is a Talisman in Elden Ring that is incredibly useful for helping you level up faster. This is the next tricky boss fight when it comes to grinding out a huge difference in the number of runes you’ll earn. This guide will explain exactly what it is and How To Get The Gold Scarab In Elden Ringso you can get it equipped and reap its benefits.

What the Golden Scarab Talisman Does

The Gold Scarab talisman increases the amount of runes received by defeating enemies by 20%. This makes it perfect for farming runes, which we’ve got on a guide to the best Rune farming locations right here.

It has a weight of 1.2, so it will add a lot more to your overall equip load, which will result in the type of dodge roll you can perform to evade incoming attacks.

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Elden Ring in Getting the Gold Scarab

Get The Gold Scarab Talisman In The Elden Ring, Abandoned Cave Found In The Cleanrot Knight Bosses You’ll Need. The Abandoned Cave can be found in Caelid, the red swampy area on your map.

The Abandoned Cave itself is best accessed by heading south of the Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace. You can also go to the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace and walk across the canyon using the tree.

Below we have a map of the location of the cave itself.

elden ring in abandoned cave location

When you reach here, you’ll want to make your way through the Abandoned Cave, as soon as you can and avoid this boss fight. You’ll also want to avoid rolling into the red swampy areas of the cave, as these will cause your character to build up to the Scarlet Rot.

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Preserving Boluses and the Flame, Cleanse Me Summon Can Help Cure Scarlet Rot, So Use This Item and Summon If You Can.

Keep pressing until you reach the misted entrance to the Cleanrot Knight bosses. This boss fight is tricky as there are pools of Scarlet Rot dotted around the arena, and each knight can also inflict it with their attacks on you.

Our best suggestion is we can give you the right-hand side of the stick when you enter and do your best to dodge their golden weapon attacks, as this will prevent you from inflicting more Scarlet Rot. Focus your attacks at one time, as is the case with trying to deal with both these boss fights.

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We’ve also come up with a high level, around 40+ that can help you get through the Abandoned Cave with the Cleanrot Knight boss fight. You’ll probably deal more damage, which is always a bonus.

Equipping the Gold Scarab Talisman

Once you’ve picked it up, you’ll need to equip it with your Rune-boosting buff to reap the benefits. To do this, select the ‘Talisman’ slot just above your Quickslot section at the bottom of the screen, circled in red below.

elden ring in equipping gold scarab talisman

Select the ‘Gold Scarab’ and you’ll be all ready to start Grinding Runes.

That’s all you need to know How To Get The Gold Scarab In Elden Ring. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki or see more of our coverage FromSoft’s Latest game below.

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