Elden Ring: How To Beat Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight

The Elden Ring is full of frustratingly tough boss fights, and that should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever heard of Soulsborne games. This boss takes things up a notch even by those standards, but we have a helping hand here. Here’s Elden Ring in Starscourge Radahn boss fight how to beat.

How To Beat Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight In Elden Ring

First off, I was at level 50 when I finally took down Radahn and it still took many, many tries to do so. Although this fight is unique, in that you’ll be summoning several NPCs to help out with the battle. The battle takes place on a vast sandy battlefield, so your little NPC army will be up and running with you.

One of the best NPCs to have in that fight is Blaidd, a companion of Ranni the witch. Proceed through Ranni’s Questline and Find Blaidd in Siofra River. Do as he says, then return to him and he’ll be there when you go up against Radahn at the Redmane Castle in this “festival” of battle.

Starscourge Radahn Phase 1

The Portal leading to the Wailing Dunes – the fight for location – will drop you off the sandy arena, across from Radahn. He’ll start off with a magical bow with sniping, but the shots can be timing a roll or sideways as they approach.

As you dodge these shots, move through the battlefield to one of the NPC summon signals and call them all in one by one. He’ll also mix things up by raining down iron shots from the sky. Avoid these by getting torrents and outrunning them until they stop coming.

The best part about the NPC summons is that they can be revived by activating their summon signs once more. When the Pay Attention The Game tells you that one has died, and if so many die, their golden summon signs for a look around the ride.

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The most helpful NPC summons are Blaid for his ability to self-heal soak up hits, and her AOE healing ability for Finger Maiden Therolina. Whenever you see Therolina kneeling and glowing yellow, stand near her and use a flask without healed.

With that said, all of the summons are useful since they distract Radahn and deal with little bits of damage while you attack with Sorceries or Incantations from long range or get up close. If melee is your main option, try staying behind him all the time. He’s riding around a comically small horse and can’t always turn right around.

Keeping all those things in mind while looking out for a few of his most devastating attacks. Radahn can be a little like his little horse on a drift, so he has a giant blades with circular motion to go. Roll forward, his back, if he ever starts spinning in spinning while slashing. You want to be on the right side of his horse, basically.

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Midway through the first phase, Radahn will start using Purple Electrical Attacks to make this a much harder boss fight. He can now use a suction move that pulls you in, send out homing orbs, do a ground wave, and use an AOE explosion.

Remember These Facts Well: The Gravity Pull Can’t Be Blocked From Getting Sucked Into His Next Attack, The Orbs Can Be Rolled Through, The Ground Wave Can Be Jumped, And The AOE Can Be Avoided front of him.

Ranged attacks have an advantage here, especially if they are distracted by the Summon NPCs, which are the most likely part of the striking range. But melee can overwhelm him right at right angles. When his health drops below 50%, the second phase begins.

Starscourge Radahn Phase 2

This is where you get to see the reasons why they call him the Starscourge. At the beginning of Phase Two, Radahn will fly up to the sky and come back down to a flaming shooting star. When he returns or it’s almost instant death. Any dead NPC summons on the sky and reviving an eye while avoiding his re-entry to get around the torrent and ride around.

Elden Ring Radahn Shooting Star

The Purple Electric Moves are the Phase One from the old ones, as the boss adds new moves to the new one. The first thing Radahn will do is summon huge rocks that float around him and can be used as seemingly random times at projectiles. Don’t get too far or he’ll definitely fire them up with you. The rocks can be blocked or avoided like the orbs but they’re a bit quicker.

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Radahn flies up into the sky and dives down to you twice to look out for the new attacks. Roll into him both times and avoid any damage. The gravity pull has a much wider range and the AOE explosion is much bigger now, so this is really a damage race at this point.

If you will die this fight drags out, so cast from the middle range or stay under / behind him and go all-out with the NPC summons to try and get him to stagger. If he’s staggered while you’re behind him, don’t even go for the critical hit on his head – just continue to get hit until he’s finally dead and gone.

This is a difficult one, sure, but that’s all you need to know how to beat Starscourge Radahn The Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our guide to Wiki for more tips, tricks, and other boss guides that’ll help you land the land.

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