Elden Ring: How To Beat Valiant Gargoyles Boss Fight

We all know that Sousborne bosses are a different breed of trouble. And what’s worse than a single tough boss in these games? Fighting two of them at the same time, of course. That’s what you’re up against in this underground battle. So, if you’re having trouble The Elden Ring in Beating the Valiant Gargoyleswe have some pointers.

How To Beat The Valiant Garboyles Boss Fight In The Elden Ring

This boss fight is an unfair two-on-one challenge that will get you the first thing you want, even if the numbers are as high as possible. This particular summon creates a duplicate of your character that includes currently equipped armor, weapons, items, sorceries, and incantations.

The mimic has infinite FP, equipped items of unlimited use, and can even use flasks to heal. The Mimic Tear Ashes are actually located nearby, in Nokron as well. Check out our guides on where to get the Mimic Ashes summon and how to upgrade summons to those links.

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elden ring warming stone

Once you have it, there are many different ways to equip magic items like Glintstone for Attack and Warm Stones for constant AOE healing. The gargoyles take significant magic damage, so equip a staff or seal when summoning as well as leveled up Int or Faith.

Valiant Gargoyles Boss Phase 1

The Mimic Tear is right away if you decide to take on the first of these two. Try not to be too afraid and stay active in the fight, or else the mimic will likely die before the second Valiant Gargoyle shows up.

Both gargoyles are mostly close-range melee attackers that need to be near the top when you need to hit their moves, which is another reason why mimic long-range options are beneficial. If you’re both standing right underneath the gargoyle at all times, it can take you both out at once. What you want is for the gargoyle to be two targets in different directions and at different ranges.

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Even at a distance, though, this first gargoyle can breathe a poison mist that spreads quickly, so give it some space when you see that move starting. It can also shoot the blades along the ground and raise its weapon in the air. This is a very obvious tell, so whenever its weapon is raised, prepare to dodge left or right.

The one other non-melee move it has is the ability to spin its weapon above its head to create a small cyclone that deals AOE damage. In short, whenever a gargoyle raises its weapon above its head, remember to back up.

The gargoyle can use several short combos, circular sweeping moves, a charging rush, and dive attacks when the moves are above it. You’ll have to learn the dodge timings through them, but those moves will only become harder to dodge in the second phase.

As you can see in the clip above, I took this fight to the middle range using the Moonveil katana’s special ability on my build focuses. Your build is also intuitive if you find it right here. It deals massive damage with a high magic attack stat.

Valiant Gargoyles Phase 2

The second phase is where things ramp up. As soon as the first gargoyle loses half its HP, a second one will appear that uses a different weapon. This is why you want the Mimic Tear to survive as long as possible – fighting two Valiant gargoyles alone is the situation we desperately need to avoid.

Do your best to focus on the lower health and kill it before the Mimic Tear gets overwhelmed and dies. If you can manage two separate gargoyles so that the second one attacks your mimic and the other goes, you should do this. By the time you win your little one-on-one battle, the mimic might be gone, and it’s time for a more regular boss experience with a Valiant Gargoyle that has almost full health.

This second one has more range from attacking to twinblades, and it can still breathe poison, so stay alert. This one has wider sweeping moves along with longer melee combos and an AOE ground slam deal.

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Try your best to learn the timing of its swings because it doesn’t have the long-range moves that the first one did, but it is much more around hops. If you’re in need of up-close and personal here, or a great distance from cast spells, it’s safe to do so.

Mimic Tear’s decisions come when it comes to a few tries and a bit of luck. It’s usually smart but can, sometimes, die too early.

That’s all you need to know How to beat the Valiant Gargoyles boss in the fight The Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our guide for more tips, tricks, and other boss guides as you make your way through the Lands.

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