Elden Ring: How To Get Barricade Shield


The Ashes of War mechanic adds a new layer of magic to FromSoftware’s typical Dark Souls formula, offering new abilities that enhance weapons. One that you’ll encounter early on in your adventure across the land as the defense buff shields and even deflects enemy attacks. Here’s How to get Elden Ring in Barricade Shield if you’re unsure.

The Barricade Shield is an Ashes of War skill that can be applied to shields, and it’s a really solid one to use in the early stages of the game. You don’t have to wait too long to find it, either, since it’s only a short haul down the Limgrave to the Weeping Peninsula.

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How To Get The Barricade Shield In Elden Ring

Finding the Barricade Shield’s Location is Not Hard, But Prying It From The Hands Of The Night’s Cavalry Is The First Defeat Is Sure – Assuming You’re A Low Level. These enemy types are field bosses who can be found roaming around in The Lands Between. Weeping Peninsula is the only night at The Morne Rampart, just outside the Castle Morne Rampart. After you defeat it, it will drop the Barricade Shield and 3,400 Runes. You should ideally be level 20+ before taking it.

Here’s a breakdown How to get Elden Ring in Barricade Shield:

  1. Travel to Castle Morne Rampart at Weeping Peninsula. The exact location at the site of Grace is where you need to be.
  2. Rest and the site of Grace and the nightfall to ‘pass time’. The Night’s Cavalry will only appear at night.
  3. Once the enemy appears, attack with everything you’ve got. It will almost certainly be a fight for horseback. Its attacks are pretty easy to dodge and you can see them coming a mile off, but it does take a lot of damage to get you hit, so be careful.
    how to get the baricade shield
  4. After you have defeated the Night’s Cavalry you will receive the Barricade Shield and 3,400 Runes.
    How To Get Barricade Shield

The Elden Ring in the Barricade Shield is all you need to know. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite.

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