Elden Ring: How to Get Dragonscale Blade Katana – Location + Map

The Dragonscale Blade is a unique Katana in Elden Ring that lets you call down a bolt of ice and lightning – here’s exactly where you can find it!

Elden Ring has plenty of powerful katanas that you can find while adventuring through the Lands Between. However, they don’t come much cooler than the Dragonscale Blade.

It didn’t quite make our list of best Katanas in Elden Ring, but it has a couple of great abilities which make it very useful!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Dragonscale Blade as well as where you can find it.

But first, check out our list of best Dexterity and Strength weapons in Elden Ring!

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Is the Dragonscale Blade Ice & Lightning Katana Good?

The Dragonscale Blade is a very good option for anyone who wants to use a Katana in Elden Ring. Plus, its weapon skill, Ice Lightning Sword, lets you call down a bolt of ice and lightning on your blade and bring it down on an enemy for just 25 Focus Points!

What’s more, it has a unique ability that makes it even deadlier against dragons. It does 20% more damage against dragons and 10% more damage against ancient dragons!

Therefore, this means you can repeat the Sleeping Dragon Rune farm even quicker!

The one downside to the Dragonscale Blade is that it doesn’t cause bloodloss damage so it might not be for every Katana fan.

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However, there are plenty of other Katanas to get if you want to make a powerful bleed build:

Where to Find Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring – Location + Map

Elden Ring Dragonscale Blade Location

Good luck getting the Dragonsclae Blade in Elden Ring. The Lake of Rot can be very dangerous but it is certainly worth it!

How to Get to Hidden Elden Ring Locations:

Also, for more help, be sure to check out DPJ‘s full video guide on how to get the Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring!

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