Elden Ring: How to Get Great Stars – Unlimited Health Regen Weapon

The Great Stars is a powerful Warhammer in Elden Ring that heals you every time you hit an enemy – here’s how you can get it!

Elden Ring has dozens of weapons to choose from and plenty have powerful hidden abilities that can make a huge difference when venturing through the Lands Between.

For instance, the Sword of Milos gives you some huge huge FP regen while others can even regenerate your health with each kill.

Most players know about the life-stealing Blaspehmous Blade, already. However, there is another very powerful weapon that can restore your HP by just hitting enemies – the Great Stars Warhammer.

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Here’s how you can get the Great Stars in Elden Ring as well as why it is so good!

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How Good is Great Stars? Insane Health Regen & Bleed

The Great Stars is a Warhammer in Elden Ring that scales with both Strength and Dexterity. It does some pretty good damage, however, it has a hidden ability that makes it extremely powerful.

The hidden ability means that you regen around 1% of your total HP every time you hit an enemy with the Great Stars. This is extremely strong against bosses with large health bars as well as large groups of enemies because you can get multiple hits with one swing of the weapon.

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To make it even more effective, the Great Stars also causes blood loss, which makes it especially deadly when using it alongside the bleed-boosting White Mask helmet.

Additionally, Great Stars come with the Endure weapon skill that reduces incoming damage and increases poise. However, you can apply a load of powerful ashes of war to it including the lighting fast Bloodhound’s Step or the Raptor of the Mists.

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Where to Find Great Stars in Elden Ring – Location + Map

Elden Ring Great Stars Location map

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And that’s how you can get the Great Stars in Elden Ring. Good luck crushing your enemies in the Lands Between!

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