Elden Ring: How to Get Spirit Jellyfish Ashes Summon


Spirit Ashes are an incredibly helpful mechanic in the Elden Ring. By using these, players can summon a spirit of wolves, humans, sorcerers, and other creatures to aid them in combat. In the early stages of the game, it’s possible to get the Elden Ring Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, which have a huge amount of HP and can tank hits, making it perfect for distracting a boss battle, such as the ever-annoying Margit, The Fell Omen.

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Elden Ring in Getting the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes

Elden Ring in the Spirit Jellyfish, Stormhill Shack. This is just before you reach the castle gates and just after passing through the gate at the bottom of the gate is the Gatefront Ruins where you can find the Whetstone Knife and one of the Limgrave map fragments.

where to get elden ring in spirit jellyfish ashes

When you get here, speak to Roderika, the hooded NPC’s shack inside the floor.

how to get spirit jellyfish in elden ring

Talk to her and she’ll tell you her tale. Speak to her one or two more times and she’ll finally take you to “This little guy,” and hand over the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes in Elden Ring.

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Why You Want the Spirit Jellyfish

As noted earlier, the Spirit Jellyfish has a massive amount of HP and does not take a whole lot of damage from bosses like Margit. This makes it great for distracting enemies and tanking damage while you get them on some easy hits.

elden ring spirit jellyfish ashes in-game description

Its poison projectile attacks with damage to Spirit Jellyfish can also deal with. As the poison damage builds on an enemy, it’ll deal more and more damage, making it perfect for those early game boss battles.

There you have it How To Get The Elden Ring In The Spirit Jellyfish. For more tips, tricks and guides FromSoftware’s Epic RPG, head over to our wiki or see more of our coverage below.

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