Elden Ring: How To Summon Your Horse Mount (Torrent)


FromSoftware’s latest game marks its first foray into open-world level design, with The Lands Between easily the largest single environment ever seen in its games. As you’d expect, navigating its expanse fully on foot isn’t particularly practical and so there’s a four-legged companion to move you from A to B quickly, if not fast travel is an option. Here’s How to summon your horse mount (torrent) in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring in How to Summon Your Horse

After meeting Melina, she gives you the Spectral Steed Whistle, which is very early on in the Summon Torrent. Once you have it, follow these steps:

Do note that torrent is not invulnerable and can be damaged by enemies. If Torrent’s HP falls to zero, you can summon him again, but you’ll need to use a Crimson Flask to bring him back.

And that’s all you need to know how to summon your horse in The Elden Ring. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check our guide for more tips, tricks and information on the game.

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