Elden Ring: How To Transmog Armor & Equipment (PC Only)


Elden Ring features an insane amount of weapons and armor pieces that you can mix and match, and experiment with. This allows players to create truly unique builds in the game, and offers a ton of replay value. However, it’s not always easy to balance your stats and aesthetic. Here’s How to transmog your armor and equipment in Elden Ring.

Do note that the transmog is not a built-in feature of the Elden Ring, and you will need to make use of the Nexus Mods to get it to work. This means that you can only do this on PC.

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Elden Ring on Transmog Armor and Equipment

  1. Download the ERTransmog mod at Nexus Mods.

    Unlike most other mods on the site, you can download this via Vortex. You’ll need to manually download and install it yourself.

  2. Go to c: Steam steamapps common ELDEN RING Game and make a backup of your regulation.bin file.
  3. Open the mod file and drop the new regulation.bin file into your Elden Ring game folder.
  4. Boot up the game in offline mode, and you should see all the stats on the armor pieces.

Just to be safe, we’d recommend going online with all the mods that can be active and modifying to get the character in cheating and the result.

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Once you’ve booted up the game, you should be able to craft three new arsenal talismans from the Item Crafting menu, which offer three different categories of weight, poise, defense, and immunity. Do note that you still need to have enough endurance in order to equip the most expensive talismans.

Equip the one that best suits your needs, and you should be able to equip whatever armor pieces you want. The one drawback of this mod is that it requires you to buy a talisman slot, so that there can be less room for build experimentation.

That’s all you need to know about How to mod your armor and equipment in Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our guide for more tips and information on the game.

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