Elden Ring: How & Where to Buy Unlimited Smithing Stones 1 & 2


The Smithing Stones are an important resource in the Elden Ring, as they allow players to upgrade their weapons and shields. Unfortunately, finding these in the open-world can be a time-consuming process as players scour the lands. In this guide, we’ll show you How and where to buy unlimited Smithing Stones [1] and [2] in Elden Ringso you can upgrade all your gear.

Elden Ring in Buying Smithing Stones

You’ll be able to buy an unlimited amount of Smithing Stones 1 and 2 from the Twin Maiden Husks found in The Roundtable Hold. However, you will need to offer them a Bell Bearing first, the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing.

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Obtaining the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing

The Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing item can be obtained by defending the Crystalalian boss at the bottom of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave, or at the bottom, the Academy Crystal Cave.

Both of these locations are located in the Lakes area of ​​Liurnia. The Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave can be found on the Northeastern side of the region, while the Academy Crystal Cave can be found following the Raya Lucaria Academy.

The academy itself, barred by the western cliff, is the bar of an Imp Statue that you’ll need to unlock to a Stonesword Key.

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Continue to make your way through the cave system, and you’ll eventually find a Crystalian boss fighting for the fight.

We highly recommend the use of a powerful summon with high HP to distract the Crystalian while you get some hits, especially if you opt for the Academy Crystal Cave, where you’ll have two Crystalians at once.

Taking the Bell Bear to Twin Maiden husks

Now go back to the fast travels and the roundtable room itself with a short stroll from the Twin Maiden Husks.

You’ll now have the option ‘Offer Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]. ‘ Select this option, and you’ll be able to buy an unlimited amount of Smithing Stone [1] and [2] when you need them.

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Smithing Stone [1] cost 800 Runes, while Smithing Stone [2] cost 1600 Runes.

Twin maiden husks from buying elden ring smithing stones

That’s all you need to know How and where to buy Smithing Stones [1] and [2] in Elden Ring. For more tips, tricks and guides FromSoftware’s Epic RPG, head over to our wiki, or see more on our coverage below.

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