Elden Ring in the Top 10 Best Summons

The Souls games of The Lineage are obviously from FromSoftware’s latest RPG, which uses many of the same mechanics and systems to govern gameplay and progression. There are some major new features, though, including the ability to call upon spirits to help you in combat. Here we are ranking The Elden Ring in the Top Ten Best Summons Wondering which are the best Spirit Ashes to look out for.

Godrick Soldiers

The Godrick Soldiers are a good replacement for the Lone Wolves in the early game you receive, and they serve as a similar function to the early game boss fights. Unlike the Wolves who just rush in and die quickly, though, the soldiers can take a bit more punishment and also mix ranged and melee attacks. You can find this summon at the Stormhill of the West, which is filled with Spirit Jellyfish, a grave to the next.


They may not sound intimidating, but these squidgy floating jellyfish packs quite a punch, giant tentacles with spitting poison and whacking enemies. You can deploy these beasts to distract groups of enemies or bosses on a strategy of inflict chip damage – though they do keep in mind they attack more slowly.

The Jellyfish Spirit Ashes are a gift from Roderika who can be found at Stormhill Shack. Note that completing her questline also helps you to upgrade spirit ashes in general, so that it is well worth doing regardless of your plan. You can read a detailed guide here.

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Latenna the Albinauric

If you’re after a ranged summon then look no further than Latina the Albinauric. Once summoned, she locked in large distances across the magical damage for the location of firing arrows. She’s fantastic for a battle against tough bosses and / or enemy encounters. To Get Her, Bring The Medallion Found At The Village Of The Albinaurics To Lakeside Crystal Cove.

Lhutel The Headless

Best Elden Ring Summons
Image credit: Tim Goens

If you’re looking for a brutish tank that’s not only a battlefield for a long time but it’s actually a great option for combat, hitting big damage both up and down the range, then Lhutel the Headless is a great option. The best part about her is that she’s available early in The Lands Between Your Adventure; Her ashes are the Tombsward Catacombs found at the end of the Weeping Peninsula after defeating the boss, the Cemetery Shade.

Kaiden Sellsword

There’s nothing quite as fancy or technical as the Kaiden Sellsword – he just a big guy with a huge sword that serves as a tanky ally who can hit hard and keep an enemy distracted with a stagger. You’ll receive this summon as a reward for the Cliffbottom Catacombs on the east edge of the Lakes of Lurnia.

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Black Knife Tiche

For those looking for an agile, deadlier spirit summon capable of evading enemy attacks and lethal blows; Black Knife Tiche is an assassin who carries a Rune of Death with a black knife imbued. To find the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ashes, head to Ringleader’s Evergaol in Liurnia and defeat Alecto, The Black Knife Ringleader.

Omenkiller Rollo

Best Elden Ring Summons

You should be familiar with the Omenkiller if you have advanced game beyond the Lake region of Liurna. This agile and aggressive enemy makes for an equally dangerous ally in combat, capable of knocking down foes and bashing them while floating. The Omenkiller is so powerful, in fact, that it’s only available at the end of the game and costs quite a bit of FP to summon. You’ll Need To Defeat The Fell Twins, Who Can Be Found In Capital Outskirts

Banished Knight Oleg

Similar to Omenkiller Rolo, The Banished Knight Oleg Wields two Swords and Slashes with great damage to enemies. While technically not quite as strong in terms of pure damage output, he is better than a tanker and less expensive than FP, which arguably makes him a better summon overall – especially because he is available early on in the game and is now a long term useful time. Oleg is a reward for the Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss inside the mini-dungeon that is entered after using two Stonesword Keys at the Imp Statue of the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave (Limgrave).

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Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Best Elden Ring Summons
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Thunderbolts and lance strikes with a powerful, tanky summon that attacks the ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff as powerful as he is. His Spirit Ashes are the Zamor Boss of the Ancient Hero, defending the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau.

Mimic Tear

Best Elden Ring Summons

Simply the best summon in Elden Ring, the Mimic Tear is quite literally mimics your own character – so assuming you’re wielding some decent gear and hitting solid damage then you’re probably doubting your own firepower. As you’d expect, this powerful summon is rather difficult to acquire. You’ll need to defeat the Mimic Tear before the first need to find its ashes. Thankfully, we have a detailed guide explaining exactly how to do so.

That rounds our list The Elden Ring in the Top Eight Best SummonsMany of the Spirit Ashes of which you should give a good idea. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite.

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