Elden Ring Is Playable on Steam Deck


FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, might have been heavily criticized for its demanding minimum specifications and generally wobbly performance on PC, but surprisingly it’s actually going to be playable on Steam Deck. In a discovery made today by Wario64, the RPG has been confirmed as verified for Steam’s anticipated handheld.

Elden Ring has already been issued a sizable day one patch that fixes several performance issues and quest bugs, but its performance on almost all platforms does occasionally still suffer from framerate woes and texture pop-in. FromSoftware has pledged to continue its work smoothing out the kinks, and it’s certainly going to need to if Elden Ring is to run on Steam Deck’s modest specifications (by comparison to gaming PCs).

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Twinfinite recently reviewed Elden Ring and was as high on it as the rest of the media games, scoring the game 5/5 and concluding:

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“Is this the best FromSoft action RPG ever made? For now, perhaps. It’s definitely up there with Bloodborne. But given the company’s track record, I’d no longer be surprised if they come back in another six years with a new IP that surpasses all expectations yet again. “

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