Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location: Where to Find The Best Early Game Staff & Gravity Spell

If you’re into magic, then FromSoftware’s latest RPG has a lot to offer. There are spells abound, more so than any Souls-type game before it, and the spellcasting is the most effective and viable right from the start of the game. If that’s true, then you know where to find the best Astrologer gear early, and that’s where one particular staff comes in. Very handy. Here’s the Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location, and Where to Find The Rock Sling Gravity Spella combination that makes for an extremely powerful early-game build.

The Meteorite Staff is powerful because it scales S with Intelligence, meaning that Astrologer builds benefit from massive damage buffers at every level of Intelligence they pour into. Unfortunately, the Staffing is actually upgradable with the Smithing Stones, but that doesn’t really matter because S Scaling makes more than that – at least in the early game.

If you have already got or are considering getting the Demi-Human Queen Staff, which is a superior Astrologer Staff, then our advice is not to waste your Smithing Stones upgrades. Instead, get the Meteorite Staff: it’s much better, and especially so because it increases the damage output of the Gravity Spells, one of which can be found near its location, which we’ll also show you below.

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Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location

The Meteorite Staff is an item you can go to and get right after the start of the game and have your mount, torrent. It requires you to ride a long way and dodge a lot of powerful enemies along the way, but it’s as low as level 10 or so.

The Meteorite Staff is located in Caelid, east of Limgrave. Specifically, it’s the Aeonian Lake Swamp in the Sage Ruins of the Street. This area is extremely dangerous to any character under level 15 or so. Do not even think about the enemy here. Don’t worry, though, all you need is a quick ride, grab the gear, and ride off into the sunset.

Elden Ring Rock Sling Gravity Spell Location

From the Aeonian Swamp of Grace on the Site, the Swamp to the Ride to the Shore and the Swamp to the Left of the Hug, the Wicked Rivalries Who Wake Up and Chase You. There is a window leading up to the stairs with you. Hanging out the far end is an item with a corpse. This is the Meteorite Staff. Pick it up, then quickly ride off and head towards the ruins.

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You are looking for another abandoned ruin on the other side of the swamp. In the center are steps going down into a cavern. Go down there and quickly open the door with a chest to reveal the Rock Sling spell.

Now you have both items, it’s time to ride off! After you have your new gear equipped, you can reap the benefits of this powerful combination of staff and spell.

That is all you need to know The Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location and Where to Find The Rock Sling Gravity Spell. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check our guide for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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