Elden Ring Players Are AFK Rune Farming Under the Map to Ruin PVP

A new Rune farming trick is letting Elden Ring players go AFK while being completely invincible. And it’s ruining PVP in the process.

It’s been about a week since Elden Ring players first worked out that it’s possible to farm for Runes by going AFK. Now, a new strategy ensures that invaders cannot harm them whatsoever.

Elden Ring is a hard game – there’s no denying it. And for some players, the game is so difficult that they need to resort to exploits in order to grind enough Runes to handle it.

Unfortunately, these players are now spoiling the multiplayer experience of Elden Ring for others.

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If you’re considering AFK farming in Elden Ring, maybe consider this easy Rune farm trick that reportedly gives 10 million Runes per hour instead.

Elden Ring AFK Rune Farm Lets Players Hide Beneath the Map

A new take on the Elden Ring AFK Rune farm is letting players hide somewhere they cannot be harmed.

In case you missed it, we first saw players Rune farming in impossible-to-reach spots of Elden Ring last week. The basic premise is that users will use Torrent to reach an area that’s unavailable to those on foot.

The malicious player then uses a Taunter’s Tongue to invite invaders, and a White Cypher Ring to summon hunters to their world. Since enemies can’t easily see you, and can’t access your location, they will often just battle your hunter ally, or leave the world, dropping Runes either way.

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But now that players are finding a way to combat this trick, Rune farmers have fled underground. Using a new take on the Elden Ring flying horse rune farm, it seems it’s possible to fall through the Lands Between.

Elden Ring AFK Rune Farm Under the Map

Glitch Unlimited

It seems that the trick works by running Torrent into certain locations before dismounting and exiting the game quickly. Loading back in will then seemingly have the player spawn under the map.

Then, users are able to summon invaders as normal, while being completely invisible and invulnerable.

It’s clear that needs to take steps to ensure that these methods are no longer possible. And in the meantime, those hungry for Runes should stick to singleplayer.

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After all, there’s a new method to reset the sleeping dragon in Elden Ring which proves to be an excellent source of Runes. And using it doesn’t ruin the experience for other players!

Looking for a complete guide to Elden Ring, from start to finish? We’ve got you covered!

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